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More Wildwood Festival interviews! Royal Chant will play on the Local Stage Wildwood Festival, so we caught up with them.

Tell us a little about yourself?

Royal Chant is a 3-piece garage band from Port Macquarie that’s been kicking around the traps since 2009.  We’ve been up and down over the years, with some amazing highs and fretful lows.  We’ve had numerous line-up changes over the years but these last few years and most recent line-ups have been nothing but a blast. We keep writing, recording, & touring, and we’ve been blessed to cross paths with some amazing people over the years. Onwards & upwards, rinse, repeat.  

What do you sound like?

Like pop run through a fuzz box blender. We’ll be playing acoustically for Wildwood Festival, so take that plus an acoustic guitar and I guess you’d get anti-folk or acoustic punk. It’s all about the songs either way: lots of melody and no guitar solos.

What can we expect from your performance?

For someone to say “Is this band even at the right Festival?”, and then someone else to say “YEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHH WOOO-HOOOOO!”.  Somewhere in between all that you should hear some very good songs made with healthy doses of passion & poetry, delivered with lots of honesty and a rose between our teeth.

What are you working on right now?

Our third LP and a bunch of new music videos. Our next album is tentatively titled Never Had A Heyday, and we reasonably expect to radically alter the Australian music landscape through the majesty of song. And possibly make $20. 


How can we hear your music?

Your best bet is to type Royal Chant into the ‘ole google-box and hit the various outlets for our music.  We’ve got heaps of records & releases available through MGM, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Triple J Unearthed, as well as a treasure trove of music clips and tour footage on YouTube that is tailor made for a binge-watching session on company time.

Check Royal Chant out on Facebook here

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