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LA Font are sharing their upcoming EP, Swish 2, in full via Buzz Bands LA. Out now on New Professor Music (Operator Music Band, Very Fresh, Brightener), the LA based quartet channel the sound of 90’s indie with a slacker charm and energetic spirit that comes out in shaky pop anthems and colorful lyrics. Being negative has never sounded so positive. It’s the LA way. Swish 2 is an unusual album, one that which the band described the writing process as “cellphone voice memo melodies turned into songs at band practice. Unintelligible mumbling became lyrics about the Kentucky Derby, Billy Graham and the DMV.” There’s an inescapable smirk to the music of LA Font, and it’s infectious throughout Swish 2.

Buzz Bands LA said it best:

“Here’s the part where we tell you LA Font remains one of the best and most underrated indie-rock bands to call Southern California home. Here’s the part where we tell you they sound like Weezer and Pavement and Guided By Voices, only more pissed off. Here’s the part where we tell you that they’re releasing a new five-song EP Friday titled “Swish 2” on New Professor Music, the self-professed “world’s greatest record company,” helmed by LA Font’s master of bass-face Greg Katz. Here’s the part where we tell you that  fatherhood doesn’t seem to have softened frontman Danny Bobbe very much, as he still sounds like the wounded wiseguy pouring acid on your silly infatuations. Here’s the part where we tell you “Swish 2” is even more infectious, though less like getting boxed in the ears, than last year’s “Hangtime Vol. 1.” Here’s the part where we trumpet the pearls of wisdom you can always find in LA Font songs, like “Don’t smile when they’re patting you down” and “A quarter in the fountain never drowns.””

The record follows a mixed year for the band with individuals members experiencing the joys of having children while others recovered from illness. Swish 2 sounds triumphant throughout, and while the band have experienced extreme ups and downs, they don’t harp on personal moments. Swish 2 turns its focus to the decline of our society in metaphors and disguised lyrical humor. LA Font tackle heavy subject matter with an ever bright levity, there’s always light ahead and the LA based quartet are fully locked into the sunshine and good times of their jittery indie pop.


09/22 – Los Angeles, CA @ Dirty Laundry
10/23 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Hi Hat w/ Mumblr, The Black Heartthrobs & Doctrin



LA Font is an indie rock quartet from Los Angeles led by Danny Bobbe (vocals/guitar) together with Greg Katz (bass), Mitchell Sheldon (guitar), and Harlow Rodriguez (drums). Their new EP, Swish 2, comes out September 16th, 2016 on New Professor Music. The band has made five previous recordings, most recently last year’s Hangtime Vol. 1 EP (Fleeting Youth Records).   

LA Font has toured a bunch, done SXSW a couple times, and played residencies at a few Los Angeles clubs. Featured as the house band for Vice’s long-running “Entitlement” live comedy show in Los Angeles, they’ve performed with Marc Maron, Kyle Kinane, Maria Bamford, Hannibal Buress, and jammed with Reggie Watts. They wrote the theme song for Vice’s “Entitlement” comedy podcast, and Nerdist used another LA Font song as the theme for their comedy podcast “Terrified with Dave Ross.”

la-font-02.jpgLA FONT
“Swish 2”
New Professor Music
September 16, 2016

Buy on Bandcamp

01. Don’t Smile
02. Oh Me Oh My
03. Can’t Be Beat
04. No Friction
05. Idiot Vid

LA Font Links:
New Professor Music

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