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Kit chats with TECH N9NE in the lead up to his Australian tour.


Techniciansss! The Independent Hip-Hop Powerhouse TECH N9NE returns to Australia this November after selling out shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth last yea.r

TECH N9NE is the biggest selling Independent Hip-Hop artist of all time. He has had his music featured in film, television, and video games. Independent to the core, TECH N9NE is free to make music for himself and his fans and no one else. He appeases no masters other than the legions of Strange Music fans across the globe.

 TECH N9NE became known as an innovative rapper in the 90s because of his trendsetting ability to rap at breakneck speed, to rap backwards and to also deliver riveting personal songs that examined his own inner demons. In the 2000s, TECH N9NE hit the road relentlessly, becoming one of rap’s premier touring acts. With 2012’s “Hostile Takeover 2012 Tour,” TECH N9NE holds the title of headlining the longest continuous tour in rap history.

Kit had the chance to have a chat with TECH N9NE and got some interesting answers!

What has been the weirdest experience you’ve had on tour?

People offer their wives, because they love our music. Their wives are beautiful and their eyes are open like yeah I’ll go with you if you let us in the pre-show and I’m like don’t ever auction your wife off to Tech N9ne because she won’t come back! You know what I mean ‘you love my leg in third, cuz I’m blessed with heaven’s curve and I equal the thrill and rush of having sex on ex and herb!’ It’s true! But we’ve never taken the offer, we saw some back in the day like WOW she’s beautiful and you’re offering her? They’re like ‘Dude me and my life love you so much man and I told her if I ever catch her with another man I’d kill her and maybe myself but we love your music so much man if you wanna take her right now man you can have her’ and I’m like ‘Dude, don’t do that man, PLEASE.’ and she’s sitting there ready to go! If I’d had somebody with me like a lady or something I’d be like ‘You know what your fine, I’m gonna take your wife right now and I’m gonna open this bus, and your gonna wait right here and I’m gonna return her right back to you in like 10 minutes’

What made you want to come back to Australia?

We love Australia, they be telling me we’re going back and I was like YES! and they told me your still into this and I was like ‘hell yeah man finally!’ I’d come every year if I could man but yeah. The last promoters that did it weren’t good and we were trying to set up with a festival I think it was called heat wave or something like that and it didn’t work but we still did the show because it was about the fans you know, sometimes they don’t have all the money but we say ‘you know what we’re gonna kill you after but we’re gonna do this show. I’m gonna keep on coming back as long as you guys still want me. its a blessing to still be doing interviews about upcoming shows. Im still passionate, I’ve got another month at home another domestic tour and then coming over to Australia. And we’re already talking, that means a party is already brewing in Australia! Thats what a Tech N9ne show is, its intricate and forceful, its a party! people are so intense! And after the show we start drinkin and its a great time!

What was the hardest part of building up Strange Music?

The hardest part was that the Flagship artist was a black guy with a painted face which no one back then in the hood painted their face, a black guy with red spiked hair, nobody in the hood had red spiked hair. I was a black guy who rapped backward and so people called me a devil worshiper because of that so everything was turned against me. And yet where still here brother and aint that something? I wouldn’t like the norm, you know like I like the doors and so I’m gonna call my record label because ‘people are strange, strange things that bound us’. I love Jim Morrison and Robby Krieger and Manzarek and John Densmore, I love everybody so I’m gonna and I’m two steps down so I’m gonna make Strange Music but I’m gonna make it a gangsta rap label. I’m automatically weird so its harder for my people to sell me because they don’t know how to take me. when I signed with Quincy Jones in 1997  Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis in 1993 the people who were working for them didn’t know what to do with a black dude who painted his face and had red spiked hair with dark gangster music and rock music, they just didn’t know so I had to show everyone why its called strange music and we ended up being the number one independent in the world and that means I did something right. everyone still says that I didn’t fit, when I went to B&T they were like ‘yeah you don;t fit our format’ when I went to MTV ‘yeah Tech N9ne doesn’t fit us’ when I went to the radio station ‘nah you don’t fit our listener format, your sounds too rockish and its got too much drum and bass’ and it was ignored by everyone but that’s why I look at Travis O’Guin like you are the man dude! you knew how hard this would be and you still took on this battle to push Tech N9ne dude. He was like ‘Tech I’m a fan, lets go 50 50 partners, Strange Music, lets go brother. A lot of people would have looked at him and said ‘you crazy!’

Fav movie?

My favorite movie if I had to choose because I’m a horror fan, I have a clown shrine in my house and I am Michael Myers lirycly, I would have to say halloween 2 because John Carpenter, the way he started it off with Mr Sandman, such a soft song in such a dark time, in October, it felt weird to the soul, and it touched me back then. The synthersizers that he used for the Michael Myers theme. I’m a fan of Halloween 1, because Jamie Lee Curtis killed it, but its like something Halloween 2 just had that feeling. My mum took me to it, even though she was a christian, she want to church 7 days a week she took me with her boyfriend at the time to see halloween 2 and it stuck with me and last year I wrote a song called “MMM (Michael Myers Mask)” because my christian mother took me. She took me to see Carrie in 76′, I know I’m showing my age, but when I saw it it scared the shit out of me and when I saw halloween with Debrah Hill and Moustapha Akkad, rest his soul, back in 78 when halloween came out, and then Halloween 2 came out and for me that was the one. It captured everything, the town they filmed it in, in Haddonfield  Illinios which is right around the corner from Kansas City. I don’t know if there is a Hattonfield, but there is an Illinois and the pace of the film and the way Michael Myers is paced through the movie, it really did capture the feeling of halloween and thats what made it the one for me. maybe its because, for me, I am Michael Myers, and Eminem is Jason, and Krayzie Bone is Leather face, and Bushwick Bill is Chucky, we all have alter egos. I’m Michaels Myers Because I walk slow but I spit fast and I will kill you.

How did you connect with ICP (The Insane Clown Posse)

I first got my face painted in 94 by my best friend Brian Dennis, rest his soul, when we were preforming but in 2001 when I put out angelic, I feel the juggalo’s started paying attention, and by 2002 absolute power came out and by 2003 I was asked to be on the Wicked Wonka Tour with ICP, The Kottonmouth Kings and Bone Thugz-n-Harmony. I was like that is when I got introduced to the ICP family. They have taken me in, in the early 90’s in Kansas City. I never knew what a juggalo was until I went on the Wicked Wonka tour, and since then they have embraced me. There were people trying to hold me back but I said no one is holding me back, I am part of the Human Race!d6f0c88a14304a349ff23c1b6fceac26

What was the first album you ever brought, what medium was it on?

My mum got me a record by Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five, I was dancing in a talent show in fourth grade and I heard this song called Scorpio and me and my mum was Scorpios, she was October 26 and I was November 8th and I heard the song somehow.

Unfortunately that is all that we have time, it was an absolute privilege to talk to you and I’m so stoked for when you come out man.

Totally man.

Cool have a good one man.

No one puts on a show like TECH N9NE. His shows are a non-stop party from beginning to end. The atmosphere and energy at a TECH N9NE show is unlike anything else. His rhymes are immaculate, his flow is transcendent and his interaction and dynamic with the crowd is unparalleled. He raps so fast you think his mic will melt. Without mainstream acceptance, TECH N9NE’s commercial success is entirely down to his dedication to his audience, playing at least over 100 shows a year and making sure every show leaves the crowd on a euphoric high and craving more. Seeing TECH N9NE live will make you understand his t-shirt slogan “Strange Music Saved My Life”.

 “Lablemate Krizz Kaliko joined Tech N9ne on stage for a few joint songs. The two never lost a breath in between rapping, pop locking, jumping and crowd control” – Journal Sentinel

 TECH N9NE’s 2016 Australian tour will feature long-time partner in rhyme KRIZZ KALIKO, who will be both performing with TECH N9NE and a feature support set. KRIZZ KALIKO has been working with TECH N9NE since the late 90’s and just put out his latest solo album, “GO” earlier this year. KRIZZ KALIKO’s infectious charisma and dynamic vocal range have made him a fan favourite at TECH N9NE’s live shows for over a decade. In addition to KRIZZ KALIKO, the tour will also feature Strange Music’s STEVIE STONE – this will be his first solo sets in New Zealand.

“the crowd got so loud that it was hard to tell what was going on” – Syphersights

 “Pop locking skills; Motown like moves; and machine gun type flowing.” – Valencia Voice

 TECH N9NE sounds as fresh and hungry as he did when he first started more than a decade ago. “I’ve got a chip on my shoulder,” TECH N9NE says. “I’ve still got a lot to prove. That’s why I still rap so hard. I’m always trying to get better and better. I’m not softening it.” If you missed out last time, now is your chance to fix your mistake. If you were lucky enough to catch one of the shows, this is another opportunity to witness one of the greatest live shows in Hip-Hop, period.



Saturday 5th – PERTH – Metro City
Sunday 6th – ADELAIDE – The Gov
Monday 7th – MELBOURNE – Prince Bandroom
Tuesday 8th – MELBOURNE – Prince Bandroom
Friday 11th – BRISBANE – Eatons Hill Hotel
Saturday 12th – SYDNEY – Manning Bar
Sunday 13th – SYDNEY – Manning Bar


Tickets on sale via:


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