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The New Single Out NOW
Release Date: 30th September 2016
Via Birds Records 
“Brilliantly camp Scandi pop” – Alfitude
“A synth stomper that is so aware of its own trashiness that it therefore transcends it and enters into acute sophistication.” – Scandipop
“A vocal flare all his own, 80’s pop synth, and great beats” – Planet Stereo
“Soaked in ’80s and ’90s influences like New Order, Gary Numan and a few shades of Bowie too”- Complex UK

Swedes are well known for their forward thinking in design, fashion, organic food and of course music … Their new androgynous export, in the form of alt-pop Ms. Henrik, has been the talk of the town with his signature he/she facial glam look. Often described using words like eccentric and quirky, he is not just a unique vocalist, but also a memorable all-rounded performer. Passionate and focused on highlighting the ongoing LGBT issues, like one of his previous singles, 1994, Henrik is the ideal individual for a role model that the music world can truly benefit from right now. In order to actively work on the cross-gender boundaries, he’s also released his own bright red lipstick line.


When it comes to the new track Like Lovers Do, all you really need to know is that from start to finish it is incr catchy. Yes, really! Being the sonic lovechild of Pet Shop Boys’ 80’s hooks and Oscar’s 90’s edgy glitz, Ms. Henrik skillfully combines the vibrant synth sounds with the current Electric Guest-like sonic veil. 
After listening, you’ll realize there really is no one who vocally sounds quite like Ms. Henrik- his indistinct singing technique rightfully reflects his individuality. As the vintage Erasure-esque pop chorus hits, catchy isn’t even the word… more like infectious! 


The foot tapping sing-along single Like Lovers Do is available everywhere NOW via Birds Records. 


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