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Belle Haven is more than just a band. Belle Haven means family.

Today they unleash the power of ‘The Carving Knife’ – their razor-sharp new track, accompanied by an ambitious and unique one-take, one-shot film clip.

Consisting of five best friends who call Melbourne home and have an overwhelming passion for music and people, Belle Haven is a constantly evolving art form. Belle Haven is always challenging what it takes to make both studio and live music special. That is something that will never change.

Locking themselves in a beach house for 3 days solid, they emerged with this emotional track that came straight from the wells of experience. Vocalist for Belle Haven, David Vernon, said “Lyrically, working on The Carving Knife was a new experience for me. The rest of the guys came into the process, when I would usually only work on it alone. This helped to create the best version of what I wanted to write.”

The filmclip goes from 0-100 in an instant – what initially seems an odd concept – not much takes place in the first section of the clip apart from the camera panning out – suddenly violently explodes into the band performing the track – passionately and without abandon. Not bad for doing the entire thing themselves.

The Carving Knife was produced and engineered by Matthew J Goldman at Glow In The Dark Studios, mixed by Matt McClellan and mastered by Kris Crummett. 

belle-haven-02Guitarist Chris Vernon felt it was the most united thing they had done as a band. “It felt like we were all on the same page when writing The Carving Knife. We definitely wanted to make sure the whole song vibe was right, and we achieved that.”

Releasing their debut record ‘Everything Ablaze’ in March 2015, the band has been consistently touring both nationally and internationally since.

The song goes live in iTunes/Spotify and all good online outlets tomorrow, Friday 14th October.

Belle Haven are taking the track (and another as-yet-unheard track!) on the road throughout November alongside SAVIOUR and Stepson on a tour promoted by Destroy All Lines – taking in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth in a slew of shows that sees them do both All Ages and Licenced shows in most cities.

For more information about the single, go to For information about tickets for the Saviour/Belle Haven/Stepson tour, go to




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