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Pridelands have just released Battery City a four minute track bleeding with feelings of intense guilt, frustration, and manic-depression revealing the more emotive, honest nature of the band. To accompany the music the boys have also released a graphic video for Battery City.

Battery City is a very personal song for the Pridelands boys but one that they hope other people, especially their age, can connect with.


“The song is about having a sense of escapism enter your life; a new set of eyes for the world in which you see it as a machine and not a living, breathing entity,” said vocalist, Mason Bunt.

The instrumentation delivers on these themes by berating listeners with fast-paced, dilating bass, and face melting guitars.

“It’s about the desire to break out the hazy mirror-imaged lifestyle that routine and substances can reign over somebody. The desire to flip the table on your life,” said drummer, Jordan McDonald.

pridelands-02“Most importantly it’s about feeling powerless inside a cage you build for yourself. I picture a type of dark and grim desperation throughout, as if any attempt to reprimand your behavioral cycles are pointless,” said bassist, Joshua Cory.

As well as the graphic video, Pridelands would like to direct fans to their triple j Unearthed page to listened and review Battery City HERE.

After finding their feet and learning to run shows in their hometown of Mount Gambier in South Australia, Pridelands relocated to Melbourne in hopes of being inspired by it.

Since then they’ve released their debut EP ‘Natives’, toured all across Australia, scored triple j play, achieved community radio play across the country and released their latest single Coalesce.

Pridelands is Mason Bunt on vocals, Liam Fowler on guitar, Joshua Cory on bass, and Jordan McDonald on drums.

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