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Melbourne Djent/Progressive Metalcore outfit ARKIVE have dropped their video for single EVERSTORM, which had it’s radio premiere last night on triple j’s The Racket with Lochlan Watt.

The single EVERSTORM goes live in iTunes & Spotify on Friday 21st October. Arkive are currently on tour supporting Buried in Verona and Capture the Crown and have dates still remaining in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne.

arkive-01The intricate, explosive and ultimately intriguing track is an initial look at forthcoming material from the six-piece. The video doubles as a taste of Arkive’s personality on stage – energetic, passionate, razor sharp and never dull. Metalcore and progressive influences combined with modern “Djent” stylings make up the body of Arkive’s unique and different sound, with vocals throwing back to pop and indie roots.

Arkive formed out of the ashes of a previous band, picking up a new vocalist and a new sonic direction – and after a short period of rehearsal, their 2015 self-titled EP was tracked with Callan Orr from Dream on Dreamer at Avalanche Studios.
In their relatively short career as Arkive, they have taken the stage with Make Them SufferStoriesPolarisI, ValianceCaligula’s HorseBelle HavenEarth CallerDVSR, PridelandsSentinel and Awaken I Am

Everstorm goes live in iTunes and Spotify & all good online outlets Friday October 21st. For more information, go to




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