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LIFELINES, by ‘I Prevail’ Review by Jordan Sibberas

Detriot-based hardcore band I Prevail have just unleashed their latest album Lifelines. I Prevail are renowned for their ability to fuse jagged, pointy metalcore elements with pop sensibilities, and this latest LP delivers that in spades for their fans.

Lifelines offers something for all fans of post hardcore, such as the single Come and Get It, which simmers with a fiery anger crowned with impassioned vocals ranging from soaring cleans and violent gutterals backed with violent rhythmic fury. Contrasting this is the more melodic Scars, which adds a melodic and passionate dimension to the record. Another highlight is the pop-punk anthem Stuck in Your Head, which draws on catchy and infectious choruses and strong songwriting to deliver a ripper tune.



Since their debut EP released in 2014, I Prevail have come a long way and the maturity and quality of Lifelines is testament to this. Time on the road touring Heart vs. Mind has seen this band go from an overnight internet sensation to a respected act in their own right, and if this latest release is anything to go by, I Prevail are a band to watch in the coming years.

Lifelines was released on the 21st of October via Fearless Records and is available online and in stores.

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