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‘Plucked guitars and delicate vocal harmonies suddenly give way to echoing percussion and ominous synths – reminiscent of the soundtrack to Netflix smash hit Stranger Things.’  – The Line Of Best Fit

“Excellent Danish Electro-pop” – GAFFA

Danish electro-pop duo going by the name of Feel Freeze are set to break waves in the UK whilst continuing their successful rise back in Denmark. Scandinavian music is a treasure trove for new talent and Feel Freeze are the perfect example of this, following in the footsteps of the likes of The Knife and Lykke Li- there are big things coming for this dreamy pop pair. The duo consisting of Mathias Vinther Liholt and Raymonde Gaunoux have received praise for their memorable live performances, supporting the likes of Thomas Dybdahl and Cymbals Eat Guitars. This included GAFFA raving about the band’s performance, that they deliver “so much musical energy, that they can barely contain it”.


Their latest self produced single, Wet My Tongue, was mixed by Peter Iverson and mastered by Anders Schumann (Medina). The track is very sonically interesting- not only does it have dreamy, electro-pop elements including dry electronic beats of The XX, but the use of an acoustic guitar introduces a folk feel, completely setting it apart from others in its genre. Vocally, we can hear hints of Grouplove, whilst the use of synth gives it a retro feel. If you’re a fan of Stranger Things, you’ll totally hear the eerie 80’s influence in there.

“Wet My Tongue is a musical journey that takes off in a light acoustic setting, but transforms itself into an eerie melancholic universe with cutting guitars, deep bass-drum and bubbly synthesizers. It takes place in the internet-time where people spend their days looking at pictures of each other on screens. It increases our need for physical contact. A growing desire. A cry for nearness. Wet My Tongue.” Explained the band.


Wet My Tongue is out now via Swedish label Icons Creating Evil Art.


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