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Debut LP “whatever’s unclear to you, it’s the same for me” out now

“Eery, poignant conversation melded into a beautiful, upbeat, synth-infused track.” – IMPOSE

-ness have shared their new track “Tunnel Vision” today on All Things Go. You can listen to it here. They explain that the track is about “people who are born victims and don’t even know it— people who never had the freedom to choose their own life or even understand that they had that privilege.” The new album from -ness, whatever’s unclear to you, it’s the same for me, is out 11/11.

-ness is a songwriting and production duo formed by Ethan Peck and Jesse Weisberg. In 2013, Ethan, who had long been writing songs, heard Jesse’s singing voice while playing Rockband on Playstation and convinced him to take up the guitar and start singing seriously. With little prior music experience aside from the trumpet, Jesse taught himself guitar and began writing songs in a matter of months.

By then, Jesse and Ethan started playing together, recording countless voice memos of live sessions until they realized that there was a natural songwriting dynamic worth pursuing. The two began experimenting in Ethan’s basement on Logic with a USB microphone and a broken mandolin that Ethan haggled from a beach peddler– the product was the track ‘Behind the Couch.’  Excited by the creative process of writing, recording, and producing, Jesse and Ethan continued to write more songs and develop their sound and style, leading to the release of their debut EP in 2015.

Following the EP release, the duo headed out to study abroad in Israel where they wrote and began recording their debut full-length album titled ‘whatever’s unclear to you, it’s the same for me’. The band continued to work on the release upon their return to the US over the year, with recordings taking place throughout Tel Aviv, Long Island, and St. Louis. The record was mixed and mastered at home on a laptop in a basement.  -ness’ debut album ‘whatever’s unclear to you, it’s the same for me‘ is out now.

whatever’s unclear to you, it’s the same for me– TRACKLISTING

ness-0201. High Tide
02. The Propagandist
03. droplet i
04. The Fisherman
05. droplet ii
06. Liminal Space
07. droplet iii
08. Romance Abroad
09. droplet iv
10. To Leslie, From Asaf
11. drought
12. Tunnel Vision
13. Low Tide (Closure Reprise)


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