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Jen interviews Kerry from Atomic Kitten about performing and their Australian Tour.

Atomic Kitten  first entered the Australian charts in 2001 with their #2 smash hit Whole Again. They followed up Whole Again with a serious of poptastic singles including The Tide is Highwhich reached #3 on the Australian Charts, Be With You gave them another Australian Top 10 and Right Now, Eternal Flame, It’s OK, Ladies Night were all Top 40 hits here. ATOMIC KITTEN have sold 10 million records worldwide!

Hi Kerry! So cool to chat to you, I jumped at the chance as I love your songs. I watched some of your video interviews today and they were all pretty hilarious, you girls all seem to be very close and happy together.

All good ones I hope. Not too far in the past I hope!

Not that I am complaining, but what lead up to the decision to start to tour again?

We did an English TV show called The Big Reunion, which included some of the bands from the 90s, 00’s  about three years ago. It has basically gone from there. It took off so well, as girls are being gigging non-stop.  We have already been to Australia this year and now being offered this chance to tour Australia and New Zealand again.

How many times have you been to Australia now?

Me personally, as I left the band after ‘Whole Again’ as I got pregnant and I just want to be a mum. The only time I have ever been to Australia was when I did a TV show called “ I am a celebrity, get me out of here!’  That was in 2004 and I won that TV show. However I did not see any of Australia because I was in the jungle!  I was in Australia again this year but again it was such a tight schedule we didn’t really get to see anything. So I’m hoping this time around I will get to see some of the sights.

Definitely! It is a long way to come and not see any of Australia.

It will be! I have five kids so will definitely be a break.

Your twitter account seems not to be used for 11 months, and facebook does not have any posts. Is there a reason that you don’t use social media much?kerry-katona-celebhealthy_com

I don’t control the Atomic Kitten one but we use our own twitter. We are constantly on tour but we use our personal twitters.

Now you are older and wiser, and having families, what is different on this tour than when you were younger?

I don’t know about that!  Definitely older!

Well when we started out we were between 16 and 18 and we were touring everywhere over the world but we did not appreciate it. I don’t think we took anything in and then when I left the girls continued and replaced me.  We were just very young.

Do you take your children with you at all?

Yes, when we went to turn on the Christmas lights in Bristol I took my youngest with me as she had never seen those lights.

When we come to Australia we going to be there for a month, so I will be flying my children out  as I couldn’t stand not seeing them for that long!

I watched an you tube interview that said “Things seem to go wrong when you are together” can you give us a couple of examples of this? This was the example of the backing track going wrong.

Yes!  Sometimes we get the music sent over to the sound guy and they don’t know which one it is, so when we are on stage they will play it and at that time it was done in a higher key.  So I think we sounded like a cat being strangled! It really took our breath away because it was so high. When we are all together we all just have so much fun, it is almost like we are 16 again. Although when I am at home with my husband we are normally in bed by 8 o’clock but on tour we can get go to bed that early!

Ha! When the times for the interviews came out, I grabbed the first interview slot for that reason!

We are both on the same page then! I wanted early in the morning times rather than at night as I wanted to get ready for bed!

What would be the best highlight of your music career?

For me it would be Whole Again. Also when we just started off, I think the climb to success was better than the actual success. It was also real and fresh and exciting and we worked so hard and for me that was amazing personally. We played in a lot of night clubs and schools and we worked really hard to get noticed and then to get the success that to me felt great as I had achieved so much. When I got there, that was for me, although I did my own thing personally. I think the Climb and the hard work and when we got that number 1, it was like WOW, we have done it!

Do you think that you appreciated all the great things that happened to you back in the day?

I think I look back now and appreciate it, at the time it was so exciting but we were just babies and I don’t think we knew how to appreciate it, it was almost like were in shock, it was almost like were giddy. Looking back now we did not get time to appreciate it.   I look back now and think of the things that I wouldn’t have done if it was not for Atomic Kitten. When I look back now I realize I was so blessed but at the time I just wanted to go out with my mates and go clubbing.

Do you still feel the Buzz when playing live?

OMG yes, if anything I get really nervous as well, the great thing about being a performer is just by people hearing your music and your songs and the joy that brings to them, it makes me feel so useful. Now the crowds that we san to back in the day are bringing their kids along and they are getting to hear our music. However they are probably thinking we are really old!

We get off topic here and have a good chat about our families, how lucky kids have it today and more. It was a laugh for sure!

Well our time is up now sadly. I would love to talk more.

I can talk forever! That is why I am called Gobby!

Thanks heaps for you time Kerry.

Thanks Jen.

Live Concert Spectacular

Hit after Hit after Hit

There’s nothing better than seeing your favourite artist live in concert.  Except when four of your favourites team up as a package… then it’s guaranteed to be the Best Concert Ever.

Thanks to Irelands biggest pop export B*WITCHED head down under in February 2017 for a mindblowing reunion tour like no other. Off the back of a Sold Out UK Arena tour that left fans begging for more, the Dublin quartet bring with them a string Australian Top 10 hits including C’est La Vie, Rollercoaster as well as Jessie Hold On, To You I Belong, Blame It On The Weatherman plus More! B*WITCHED have sold 3 million records worldwide

“We want B*Witched to be nothing less than a celebration of being alive” (B*Witched)


Joining B*WITCHED are English all girl group ATOMIC KITTEN.

The girls first entered the Australian charts in 2001 with their #2 smash hit Whole Again. They followed up Whole Again with a serious of poptastic singles including The Tide is Highwhich reached #3 on the Australian Charts, Be With You gave them another Australian Top 10 and Right Now, Eternal Flame, It’s OK, Ladies Night were all Top 40 hits here. ATOMIC KITTEN have sold 10 million records worldwide!


“total pop ecstasy” – NME


Joining B*WITCHED and ATOMIC KITTEN on the big pop nostalgia fest will be S CLUB 3 (Jo O’Meara, Tina Barrett and Bradley McIntosh). S CLUB 3 will unleash a time capsule of euphoria as they perform all their biggest hits including Bring It All Back, Don’t Stop Movin, Reach, Two in a Million and of course S Club Party.

 “there really aint no party like an S Club Party” – The Guardian

 Take That’s biggest rivals, English boyband EAST 17 bring with them an arsenal of hits including Australian chart topper It’s Alright plus Deep, House Of Love, Stay Another Day & West End Girls. A Perfect start to get the night pumping with their unique dance / pop blend. EAST 17 have sold a staggering 18 million records worldwide!

 “the bad boys of boybands”

 B*Witched, Atomic Kitten, S Club 3 and East 17 all together on One Stage for One Night Only is guaranteed to bring back some awesome memories.

 B*Witched, Atomic Kitten, S Club 3, East 17 – 2017 Australian Tour Dates:

Wednesday 8th February – Adelaide – Thebarton Theatre

Thursday 9th February – Melbourne – Festival Hall

Friday 10th February – Melbourne – 170 Russell – SOLD OUT

Saturday 11th February – Sydney – Big Top

Wednesday 15th February – Hobart – Wrest Point

Fri 17th February – Gold Coast – Jupiters Theatre

Saturday 18th February – Brisbane – Eatons Hill


Tickets: ON SALE NOW




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