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Brunettes Shoot Blondes release Lyric video for ‘Every Monday’

Brunettes Shoot Blondes is an independent alt-rock band based in Kiev,
Ukraine. Formed at the beginning of 2010, their originality and creativity
quickly gave them a devoted fan base. Their ability to make music that’s
actually relevant and entertaining, while maintaining artistic integrity, has
attracted music lovers’ attention from around the world.
In September, 2014, the band released a self-produced music video for the
song Knock Knock which immediately became a worldwide viral hit. With over
9 million views on YouTube, it was called an Internet sensation and positively
reviewed by such media outlets such as Billboard, Yahoo! Music, The Daily
Mirror, USA Today, Mashable, Business Insider, Daily Mail and many others.
At the end of 2014 Brunettes Shoot Blondes presented a new video for their
song “Bittersweet”. That video, made in partnership with Opel Germany, was
directed by the band, as well as the previous one.
This year, they entered Ukraine’s national selection for the Eurovision song
contest. Their song “Every Monday” made it all the way to the finals, with the
only artist to beat them going on to win Eurovision 2016. This summer they
also had performances in the massive Sziget and Colours of Ostrava music
festivals, as well as opening for huge European acts Hurts, and The
Neighbourhood earlier in the year.
The band’s songs and videos are now featured on a few TV spots, with some
on regular rotation on radio stations throughout the world. The musicians
have already performed numerous shows and festivals in their homeland and
on the stages of Europe. Currently the band is working on their debut album
and looking for a record label.

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