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Highly Suspect have dropped two new tunes!

After Trump was elected president, the band took it upon themselves to leak “Viper Strike,” a politically charged track that in their own words, is “not for the faint of heart.” Front man, Johnny Stevens said; “We call upon you to help those who are suffering and protect the rights of our fellow human beings that have worked so hard to get them. We always have and always will fight for equality, in whatever capacity we can.”

The band also released with the expansive, “Wolf“. Filled with quiet moments that build into a rocked out finish, the tune is a sprawling dreamscape. Johnny Steven explains – “Wolf is a song about dreams, but it’s also a song about my real life, which reads very much like a dream. Not in a good way or a bad way, but as our journey expands, I make less and less distinction between what was once only possible when I was asleep, and what’s possible now when I’m awake. It all flows. It’s also a salute to my youth and to those I’ve had to let go- “I was born to rock and now I gotta roll”. This song is structured like a dream too. Ever changing and unpredictable. And at the end you “wake up”.

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