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Jen chats to Aaron Moreland from Kansas-based trio Moreland & Arbuckle a head of their Australian Tour.

Guitarist Aaron Moreland—co-founder of the groundbreaking Kansas-based trio Moreland & Arbuckle—describes their music as “gritty blues and roots rock from the heartland.” Moreland, along with harmonicist/vocalist Dustin Arbuckle and drummer Kendall Newby, electrify raw Delta and Mississippi Hill Country blues, folk, and traditional country with unrelenting punk rock energy washed in hard-hitting Southern soul. Their songs are expertly executed with musical muscle and fifth-gear urgency. When they perform more traditional blues, they play with the same decisive command. With each of their six previous releases, the band has grown musically and lyrically, creating a signature sound while earning a large and loyal worldwide fan base. Their legendary raw and raucous live shows are played with wild abandon. The New York Post says Moreland & Arbuckle have “a raw juke joint exuberance with a dirt-under-the fingernails garage band attack.”

Throughout, Dustin Arbuckle and Aaron Moreland find a place between joy and pathos with beguiling songs and adroit performances.

–Blues Music Magazine, July 2016 by M.E. Travaglini

Moreland & Arbuckle are coming to Australia in February, you can check out all the details and purchase tickets here

For two guys, a drummer and some guests they hit extraordinary noise-levels; the unwary listener reels back as if struck in the face by a Marshall amp. Exhilarating. 4/4 Stars.

–MOJO, August 2016

The group’s evolution continues with their Alligator Records debut Promised Land Or Bust, produced by Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Botch, The Sword). From the howling cosmic opener Take Me With You (When You Go) to the stomping Mean And Evil to the plaintive Mount Comfort, Promised Land Or Bust is a far-reaching musical showcase. The instantly-memorable, slice-of-life songs paint scenes of double-crossed lovers, women meaner than the devil, and isolated loners beaten down by careless love. According to Moreland, “The new album is consciously traditional but still has the signature drive and power that we have crafted over the past thirteen years.”

Moreland & Arbuckle

Jen gets to know the band a little better in her interview with Aaron.

Hey! Great to hear you are heading down to Australia in February. It will be nice and hot for you. I know this is your first tour but have you guys been here before?

 Hello! No, this will be an adventure. As it will be our first time in Australia!

 I have had a look at your touring schedule and you don’t seem to have any time at all between gigs so I guess you will spend your time travelling, show, travelling etc. Will there be any time at the start or the end for you guys to see some of the sites?

Unfortunately no; work, work, work. We often don’t get to see sites when we are at work…. but interacting with the local people will be our greatest gift.

Can you tell me the first 5 things that pop into your head when you think of Australia?

Beauty, Amazing Culture, Dangerous Snakes and Such,  Extreme Climate, and AC/DC!

Love it! You have to go to AC/DC Lane in Melbourne then.  I can give you some places to see in Melbourne, my home town!

Great! please do!!

 Question for Dustin

Does having your birthday on Christmas suck? That is what stood out from the press release! Maybe as I am in the zone for Christmas as I am surrounded by presents that need wrapping.

 Nah, its all good. I don’t mind.


Aaron, I am into the punk scene, mostly pop punk, what bands were you influenced by in your early days in your “Son House Movement” ?

The Cure, Sex Pistols, Motley Crue, Van Halen, Led Zep, Beatles, Black Sabbath, BB King, Elmore James, .. I mean this could go on forever.. and as you see many aren’t Punk Rock at all.

How difficult was the change from that sound to your sound now? A conscious decision or evolution?

 Totally Evolution. We like many different styles of music.

Your 3 part Gondola sessions were great to listen to, your improvised sweet sound is very soothing. Is jamming like that relaxing for you too?

Oh Yes. We will often just throw caution in the the wind… and it usually works out.

How was the Telluride Blues & Brews Festival? Seems you have a great time.

Its one of the best festivals in the USA. Certainly, it was a blast!

 Is there a preference for you to play at Festivals or your own headlining shows?

 They both have their benefits. Its often easier to reach many new fans in one shot. But its always a blast to have our own set.

Your song ‘Mean and Evil’ has a great video, you guys in a room doing what you love the most. How many takes did it take to get this perfect?

Not many, maybe 6 times?

Was this song written from personal experience? How does you writing process go?

 This song was written almost entirely off the cuff. We literally wrote most of the song on stage one night in Poland. Its about people sad bad that even the devil don’t want them.

How booked up are you for 2017? Are your plans to tour a lot next year? Seems to be some fans begging you to come to their home town.

 It is starting to fill up! Usually things really will kick into a higher gear at the first of the new year!

 Looking forward to you heading down here. Happy New year!


Me too Aaron.

Moreland & Arbuckle

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