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Taylor Jahn tells Jen about his upcoming EP “Hide Away”which encapsulates the quintessential human experience.

Pop artist and songwriter, Taylor Jahn, is set to debut his deeply personal new EP “Hide Away” on January 27, 2017. The Oregon-born, Lake Oswego-native, began playing piano at only age six, and, today, continually pulls inspiration from his myriad of influences to build a sound with lush arrangements and stunning emotional integrity. Whether it was his youth listening to Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones and B.B. King, or his appreciation for a plethora of modern artists, such as Jon McLaughlin, Christina Perri and Sara Bareilles, he comes at each track with a unique perspective that is all his own.

Jahn is a songwriter and performer that allows and welcomes all of his experiences to infiltrate every moment of his music. From sweeping ballads to bouncing positivity, he encapsulates the quintessential human experience, with breathtaking melodies and insightful lyrics. 



Hi Taylor,

You have been playing the piano since you were 6, I am pretty sure I started then as well but did not continue as I wanted to just be outdoors playing. I regret this now! Since then have you picked up other instruments?

Hi Jen!

Thank you for taking the time to interview me, and for having such kind things to say about my music 🙂

I totally understand where you’re coming from with the wanting to play outside. Growing up in Oregon and having our home literally back up to a forest, I had many a day where I was distracted by the great outdoors, as well. What kept me on track with the piano, especially from such an early age, was having weekly lessons, quarterly recitals to prepare for and an innate passion for the sound a piano makes. There’s something sonically that resonates in me when I hear keys. That being said, I enjoy a myriad of other instruments, too, but have really only dabbled at strumming out some basic chords on the guitar, and some percussion concepts on a snare drum. I can, however, play a mean “Hot Cross Buns” on the recorder, something I taught myself in the second grade!

You have a myriad of influences, across generations. I was going to ask you if you influenced at all your parents, then I looked at your website and read that your father placed headphones on your mother’s pregnant belly. I did that to my kids and they love listening to music and Emma has a little desire to play the guitar but you are the proof that doing this can enhance talent!  Your parents and family seem to be super supportive of your dream?

I do have a truly wide array of influences and inspirations in my life, ranging from people of fame to people I grew up with. My parents, obviously, have been HUGE in this area. They taught me what it means to fight for something, to pursue in the face of adversity, to love myself and to chase dreams no matter how wild they might seem. I give them credit for my work ethic, and my desire to prove myself. Dancing around our living room to their epic vinyl collection really put music in my bones. Additionally, though it’s just my brother and me in our immediate family, I have a huge extended family that is full of love and character, and I couldn’t ask for a more supportive team. I honestly wouldn’t be able to do what I do, every day, without them and their constant devotion to my pursuits.

Can you tell us a little about your Big family Christmas Pageants? Very timely questions! They sound like fun.

Haha, speaking of family… I have more than a generous handful of cousins, all of whom are like siblings to me, and each of us actually have a background in musical instruments (not like in a Von Trapp way, mind you, but in a more casual sense). My cousin Gus, for example, plays the electric cello. Jake, the oboe. Trevor, the guitar. My brother, Byron, also plays piano. We are all always together, for every holiday, birthday or random Tuesday night family dinner, but it’s during Christmas time that our forces unite and we “band” together to put on concerts for our parents and grandparents. It’s the spirit of the season that we get swept up in. We’ve done this since an early age, and have a blast. Our favorite song to do is “O Holy Night,” as it’s arguably the best Christmas song in existence. Maybe one day I’ll take them all on tour with me and do a Holiday benefit show!

Haha! Can you tell us the feelings that you were feeling when you sang the National Anthem in front of 20,000 people at a Trailblazers game? I watched the video, great job!

Thank you!! That National Anthem for the Blazers was actually the first time I’d ever sung the song in front of an audience. What a way to crack into that scene, huh?! My nerves that day were through the roof, but the moment I hit the right note on the first word, I knew I was on track to take it home. I booked the gig (also my first) from a vocal demo I’d recorded in college, something I did mostly for myself but also with the dream of maybe actually singing for the team one day. We grew up going to games (our parents had partial season tickets) and I was always spellbound by the Anthem. There’s something special about a song being so famous that still allows for artists to really show themselves, and their interpretation. I was studying abroad in Australia at the time of the auditions, so I had to beg to be considered via electronic submission. They called me back an hour later saying that I had been booked for the Orland Magic game the week of Thanksgiving, just two days after my return to the States. Needless to say, the experience was overwhelming in a way I can’t really put into words. The loud and massive crowd, the support both during and after from strangers and family alike, the rush and heat of the spotlight; it was magic. From there, I booked the Clippers and the Dodgers upon moving to LA. I hope to continue to do more of these performances, because they’re always such special opportunities, and I take a lot of pride in them.


I get many submissions for review and interview requests and the reason yours stood out is the emotionally powerful song ‘Hide Away’ I am lucky to have someone that keeps me safe and warm that I know that he would sing this to me. I can see this song and others off your EP used as Wedding songs.

Your music video for Hide Away is a simple but moving video. Who are all the photos of? So many, are they your families?   I love the ending, I can see the emotion that you are feeling after seeing this song. Was the whole concept for the video your idea?

Thank you for your praise of “Hide Away,” truly. This is a song that is very close to my heart, and I love sharing it with others, especially when it really speaks to them. The video was shot at FD Studios in downtown LA, and was directed by Joel Nix. The concept was mostly my idea, but really came together with details we hashed-out together. The song is so lush and big and epic, and I really wanted a video that would be simpler and more dialed-back to counter that sound, giving both aspects of the piece, sonic and visual, opportunity to shine. The photos are, in fact, of my family! Grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, parents, siblings, cousins. They’re all there, from all generations. As I’ve stated, I am extremely close with my family, so having them be part of this video, and basically immortalized, was really important to me. The song was written with them in mind, as well, so it just made sense to find a way to tie it all together. The ending shot was actually captured sort of by accident, as Joel let the camera run longer than I was aware. Performing this song takes a lot, in a good way, both physically and emotionally, and I love how he chose to keep that footage in there as a way for not only me, but for the audience, too, to catch a breath and reflect.

‘All We Need’ the second track on your EP is a happy catchy tune which I think to me is the stand out track. Have you decided on your next single? I think this would be perfect!

I love that you love “All We Need!” It’s funny that it’s such a catchy and happy tune, as you put it, because it was actually written as a very slow and emotional ballad (I tend to write that way), but my producer for that track, John Coggins, had the brilliant idea of spinning it on its head and making it a more commercial sound. I adored the idea from the get-go. It not only keeps the emotion of the lyrics, but enhances them, making the concept of love an enjoyable and more uplifting thing. It also adds a nice balance to the record, overall. The next single, actually, is going to be “All We Need,” which I’m very excited about! Glad we see eye-to-eye on this 🙂

Great news! How are you going to spend your holidays? 

My holidays, like every year, are going to be spent with loved-ones, family and friends. I’m very blessed to have the circle I do, and I try to take full advantage of that, every day but especially over the Holidays. Christmas this year was spent in the snow in Central Oregon (complete with my new six-month old Golden Retriever puppy!!), split between my Mom’s two sisters’ homes, and New Years will be spent back down in LA, with friends. There will be tons of cooking, laughter, love and, of course, music, to aid with the celebratory times.taylor-jahn-photo-8

Oh I have two black labs that still think they are puppies. 

What is first up for you in 2017?

First up in 2017 might be me sneaking in a nap, if at all possible. After that, we will be working tirelessly on getting the pieces together for my album release show. February 7th, Hotel Cafe. BE THERE!! I have loved this venue since day-one of moving to LA and experiencing it for the first time, and it’s only grown on me with each subsequent show I attend. I honestly cannot believe that the release for this record will be there. I’m over the moon, and can’t wait to share all the songs from the EP with the crowd. Outside of that show, the early part of the year will see me working on new material, submitting songs for placement opportunities, and writing. Always writing.

I wish I could go! Only 8,000 miles away! Poor excuse I know!

In 7 words can you describe why people should listen to your EP?

Seven words. That’s tough, as I tend to over-talk, but if I must only choose seven, I’ll have to say that people should check out my EP because it’s the following:

  • lush
  • heartfelt
  • driving
  • memorable
  • lyrical
  • encompassing

I love throwing in a tough question! 

I wish you all the best for your release show and you next single that I predicted! 


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