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Jake reviews the Belle Haven, Every Time I Die, letlive and Counterparts gig last week.

January 12th at Arrow on Swanston, all ages show.

I went to this gig only knowing one band, that being letlive I left with an absolute love for all the bands I saw play.


Sadly, I missed the first band that played called Belle Haven, but walking into the show Counterparts were just starting their set the stage was low and small there was people walking in as I was.

For barely anyone there, Counterparts still put in everything they had. Their lead vocalist, Brendan Murphy jumped all over the stage and giving the show his everything. I didn’t actually know any of the songs from this band so I sat back and watched and was impressed they used all scream vocals and sounded amazing the set was short only 30 minutes but they were so active and talked to the crowd and got the people who did know to sing along and even let people grab the mic out of his hands and scream along which was incredible.

After Counterparts set was over I immediately went out and brought one of their shirts and was wondering if Letlive could live up to the absolutely solid performance counterparts just showed….. then they started playing.



A few more people showed up for Letlive and the venue started to look a little more full they started the show with a song off their 3rd album revolution 86 and tore it up, everyone went from just standing around to jumping up and down and going insane. I jumped in the fay for this one and got involved as much as possible and tried to enjoy the show. They ended the song with the lead vocalist, Jason Butler, breaking out with some Bruno Mars ‘Just The Way You Are’ which was rather funny! Another point that I noticed the energy that radiates of Jason as he put everything into his performance. He just radiates charisma and is so filled with talent yet when he interacts with the crowd he seems so humble.  For such a small gig he still gave us everything, he got us singing, he got us jumping and I even went crowd surfing at one point.

Near the end of the performance he made a speech about respecting women and gave a very touching story about when 10 years ago he was told he was going to die it was very heart-warming he also got involved with the crowd came into the middle of us and it was very cool he then did a back flip of a poll. I honestly cannot praise them enough for their live show and haven’t even named all the things I loved about it this was the standout performance of the night every time I die had a lot to live up to.



Every Time I Die was another band I didn’t know much about though from what I had heard they were pretty good live now I was still filled with energy from the Letlive I think everyone was because when they started playing the front went nuts jumping up and down headbanging and a mosh pit even started at one point the band saw this energy and got even more going one of their guitarist was giving people high fives after every single song and was headbanging with the crowd their vocalist was jumping around everywhere and their drummer even got involved a bit, to say it was epic would be an understatement! Everywhere there was people crowd surfing and jumping up and down and just going nuts all thanks to this band by the fourth song I was covered in sweat not all of it my own, I took a quick one song breather then got back into the fray the rest of the set was more of the same but that wasn’t a bad thing they wore me down and the entire crowd and also the band kept up the nonstop energy they did end a bit abruptly but overall holy this band didn’t disappoint they took all the energy that letlive gave us and used it to fuel the hard-hitting and heavy showing that they offered.



Overall this live show was well worth going to which was surprising as the stage they was given wasn’t very good and turnout wasn’t the best they still made it work and still made it awesome. The only negative thing about this show was the sound wasn’t very good but that was the venues fault not the bands. Even still it was great and really showcased some amazing bands and I urge that if you see any of the bands mentioned here playing near you to go see them and to even go support the bands by picking up one of their albums.

Written by Jake La Ponder.

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Belle Haven

Every Time I die.







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