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ANDY WARD releases unsettling low-poly video for “Drinks&Money”

Andy Ward, enigmatic Brisbane musician/producer & multi-media artist, has released the surrealist film clip forDrinks&Money‘, his glitchy, synth-driven debut single released late last year.

The clip, premiering on Music Feeds today, is a collaborative effort between Ward and the creative filmmaking duo of Toby Meadows and Adam Webb (Achievement In Cinematography & Best Film, Brisbane 48 Hour Film Awards). The video’s unique low-poly visual style was achieved through a combination of live footage from various abandoned buildings in Brisbane and phone apps, X-Box Kinect and 3D rendering. Through a kind of magical realism that often feels dark and desolate, the clip explores a relationship in turmoil, analysing the ominous tailspin that substance abuse so often causes.

Originally trained as a classical violinist, Ward describes his songs as “rolling electronic ballads” – but the music is only one element of this mysterious newcomer’s art. His debut single ‘Drinks&Money’, innovative and fizzing with tense restraint, drew praise from the likes of Purple Sneakers and Semplesize. With an immersive multi-media live show coming soon, and the promise of visual art installations as an extension of his craft, Ward is positioning himself as a pioneer of multidisciplinary creativity in the Australian music scene.
‘Drinks&Money’ is out now.

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