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‘Wildfire’ by Hollow World Review

For fans of Suicide Silence, In Flame and After the Burial.

I love death metal, its so heavy and so diverse and it always makes for the most hard hitting sound and the most active live shows and recently there has been a resurgence of death metal with many people craving a heavier sound. So I when I was given a new death metal track by a band called ‘Hollow World’ I was excited and then when I found out that this guys where from my home state of Melbourne I was even more excited, so how was it.


Well it was good, but what made it good, well for one thing the drums in the track were fantastic and the underlying guitar riff held the track together quite well. the vocalist used a mix of high screams and mid to low tone growls and all these components together made for a very thrashy yet melodic sound that gets you pumped and ready to break stuff (or listen contemplating breaking stuff because you don’t want to cause a fuss). I really must say though that the drumming in this track is very solid and the drummer must be very skilled as he keeps up a a good pace whilst also managing to keep a beat and the vocalist is vicious in his delivery of his screams and growls which just adds to the intensity of this track.

This track is defiantly for you if you love modern death metal its hard and fast and just has a certain vicious edge to it that makes it stand out for me, this was a really solid effort by ‘Hollow World’ and I can’t wait to see what they do next!


written By Jake La Ponder

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