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Caution Thieves drop new EP “Songs from the Great Divide”

Caution: Thieves’ EP “Songs from the Great Divide” is out now. They released their video for the final track on the EP, entitled “And You’ll See the End,”  it caps off “Songs from the Great Divide” with a poignant moment and considerably slower tempo than the blistering pace of the rest of the EP.

It’s a track that is particularly close to vocalist Nicholas Simonsen’s heart, saying “I reached a point in my life where I was so far from the human being that I wanted to be. I was sabotaging relationships in my life, pushing away issues that I had and just refusing to see that I could change for the better. And You’ll See The End is about me starting on the right path. I finally took steps to work on myself and getting a grasp on my mental health. The first step was writing this song”

“Songs from the Great Divide” EP is live now at Caution: Thieves webstore and at iTunes and all good online retailers.

caution-thieves-02The EP talks about the need to move forward rather than holding onto grievances that can only continue to hinder any progress in life. Vocalist Nicholas Simonsen says “I used to be someone who would say things like “I wish I could’ve done this differently”, but then I realised that there is nothing to gain from the things I can’t change. Our first record was me trying to get rid of a lot of pain and anguish, whereas with this record I am talking about the future and moving forward.”

The EP was tracked at Complex Studios with Roman Koester (Deez Nuts, I Killed the Prom Queen, Red Shore), Ryan Furlott from Rain City Audio mixed the EP (It Prevails). Mike Kalajian took up Mastering duties (Saosin, Circa Survive, Hail The Sun).


“You can pre-order ‘Songs Of The Great Divide’ right now. Why should you? Because it’s really quite good. Don’t be shy, come get familiar with caution:thieves NOW.” – killyourstereo 

“Utter shock, pleasurable shock mind you, is instigated with their crushingly good EP Songs of the Great Divide, so good in fact, here’s an open question for the band – why the hell didn’t you release more songs?” – Rogue Inc – 5 STARS

“They accomplish this task with ease on Songs From the Great Divide as the songs leave a lingering sense of catharsis with the listener due to the frantic and raw approach the band opt for.” – Soundfiction

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