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Jen chats to Harry White from Australia’s newest Pop Punker’s, Shorelines.

A question that I was wondering about was where did Shorelines come from? A band that has recently formed and has the success of seasoned Pop Punkers. They have been described as one of the sickest band for 2017 and I must admit I agree. Is it their energy? Is it their lyrics? Or the dual vocals? Or the fact New Heights gets stuck in my head but in a good way? My advice is if you like bands like All Time Low, State Champs and Simple Plan then take a listen to New Heights. to find out for yourself. You won’t regret it. 

Cover Photo credit Dana Hope

I had the chance to catch up with Harry White (Vocals & Bass) to catch up with all their news. 

Hi Harry, congrats on the initial success on your debut EP “New Heights, you certainly have made your presence known! Your EP debuted at #16 on the iTunes rock chart did this totally exceed your expectations? That is a pretty good result to say the least!

I don’t even know where to start with that! I was blown away, we all were! Definitely gave us a bit of a confidence boost knowing people were willing to buy our record too.

How did you all come together to form Shorelines? I know Harry and Dylan’s story with Call the Shots, so keen to know the Shoreline’s story.

It was simple really! Dylan and I wanted to keep going and playing new music together, so we searched constantly for members to fill in the missing spots.Then came along Sean, which led to Shaman as they have been mates for quite a while.



Your EP Launch Show is coming up on the 15th of July at Foundry Records how are the tickets sales going? Tickets here Info here 


I don’t think we’ve been updated with actual pre-sale tickets for a while now, but there’s over a hundred people interested in the event on Facebook so I’m hoping that’s a good sign!

I really like the music video for ‘New Heights’ very pop punk, the concept captures the essence of the song, right down to the pizza! Who came up with the concept for the video?

It all just came together with the help of SPLAT productions and our good friend Adrian. Between the four of us and him we did some brainstorming and came up with a whole range of locations and ideas. Props to him though for choosing rad colours!

Tell us about the shoot.

It was a full on shoot! Shot with the same type of camera that Lord of the Rings was filmed with. We also had a full crew for both days of shooting, it was pretty much our very own movie set!

Was there anything during filming that went wrong? Like any funny insights on that?

I was actually really sick during the performance part of the shoot so that was really hard to overcome. Apart from that, nothing went wrong at all! The crew were very professional and we had some wonderful people helping us out throughout the filming days.

That does not sound fun at all! You guys were added to the official Spotify Pop Punk Playlist on Spotify. I follow that playlist as do 227000 other people. Also Punk Unplugged. Congrats! Did you celebrate this?

We haven’t celebrated in person but I can definitely say we took to social media like a storm! Definitely exciting news to hear, and something for the achievement books!

You are very active on facebook. The VIP group is growing!

We love our VIP (Very Important Prisoners) group hahah! It’s like a big family where anyone can post and share thoughts with us. The more it grows the better really because it’s been a great way to make new friends and fans.

In the VIP group Harry asked for some inspiration to write a song. I like that you are including your fans in the writing process. I have seen Harry post his notes for other songs that he has written. How does your writing process go?

Dylan and I wrote Let Us Go together, but I did actually write a few of the songs that we have so far by myself before we had a full band, including Back Home, Brighter Day, New Heights and a few that haven’t been released yet, but usually now we come to each other with ideas and work with one another to create the basis of all our songs.

Who runs the bands social media? I imagine that would keep you pretty busy.

We all play a role in keeping everything working with our social media, but usually I end up designing all the artwork and banners etc. then taking the ideas to the boys and making changes.



I like the design on your EP cover, who designed this? Love the use of colour for the ocean and sky.

I actually came up with the idea a while ago, but the artwork was made by Multitude Creative in this case! They did a good job.

The second track ‘Back Home’, I can feel the emotion, of missing someone. Was this written from personal experience Harry?

It was actually, yes. I was in a long distance relationship with my girlfriend for a while before she moved here. It was quite a difficult and emotional time so I decided to put how I felt about the situation into a song!


I have had your EP on repeat while writing this, I actually think that each song is worth releasing and has the potential to be very well liked. Do you have plans to release another song?

We have quite a few songs ready to be recorded so expect to hear more soon!

Nice answer but not giving anything away! What is next for Shorelines after the EP Launch?

We just want to go hard and enjoy ourselves! All of us are prepared to do as much as we can to get out there in the world.

In 7 words can you describe why people should listen to your EP?

New music is always worth a listen!

All the best for your Launch. Shame it is not in Melbourne ☺ Although the weather must be better up in Queensland than here. Good luck guys.

Thanks Jen!

Thanks Harry.




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