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Mecha Mecha release epic music video for sinister single “Dealbreaker”

Newcomers to the Brisbane scene Mecha Mecha have burst out of the stable at a sprint with the music video for their sinister single Dealbreaker.

The 90’s rock inspired have also announced their sophomore EP ‘Blink & You’ll Miss It’ will be released on Thursday, July 27.

As a first taste of the EP ‘Blink & You’ll Miss It’ new single Dealbreaker offers a candid look into the sultry side of Mecha Mecha.

“Lyrically, Dealbreaker is a bit sinister. It’s about greed, taking all you in whatever setting you might be in, and its overtly about choosing between lust and security,” said vocalist, Walter Webb.

Creating Dealbreaker was a really natural experience for Mecha Mecha the song just falling together after some exercises at band practice.

mecha-mecha-02Heartbreaker has this really nice, highly strung tango riff, and we’ve put the hook in the bass line. The bridge came through really organically, its the least tense part of a very tense song,” said Walter.

“The whole song is based around a groove that came out of a crazy catchy bass line that Walter wrote to exercise Victor Wooten’s concept of pulse in groove,” said drummer and vocalist, Angelo Webb.

Dealbreaker is a groove driven song, about being faced with an ultimatum and then experiencing the disappointment or satisfaction felt when you’re expectations are met and the ultimatum is sought,” said bassist, Isaac Vincent

Neo Classical-Alt rock trio Mecha Mecha, consists of brothers Angelo Webb (Drums) and Walter Webb (various instruments and singer) perform high energy and melodic rock tunes accompanied by the harmonies, violin and bass playing of Isaac Vincent, optimising their live shows to pack a punch and dance floors.

Sporting a traditional three piece rock line-up spawning music influenced by big name 90s acts such as Jeff Buckley, Radiohead and Tool, or harmoniously incorporating violin or keys to allow for a greater sonic variety, Mecha Mecha relishes in the power of heavy-hitting, blues-inspired grooves.


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