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Counterparts- Bouquet Single Review

Earlier in the year I was introduced to the band Counterparts by seeing them live at Everytime I Die and Letlive’s all ages show at Arrow on Swanston (which was also my first ever attempt at writing an article for this site)  and I was impressed enough by their stage presence and fan support that I decided to give them more of a listen to and what I found was a diamond in the rough in terms of the hardcore genre.

With their most recent track they have suffered the loss of their lead guitarist Jesse Doran and drummer Kelly Bilan so with these line-up change we ask, what will be of their new single, ‘Bouquet’?


The track was released only 2 weeks ago as of the time of writing is well a counterpart’s track but that defiantly isn’t a bad thing. it’s very reminiscent of the work they did on their sophomore album ‘The Difference between Hell and Home’ with the chorus having an anthem like, ‘scream along’ feel as “B” Murphy exclaims feelings of angst and depression over a well-structured guitar riff which overall makes for a hard-hitting but angsty feeling that Counterparts specialises in. Another great thing about this track is the work they do in the verse with damn near poetic lyrics mixed with Murphy’s meaningful and passionate delivery makes every word he sings. Hr speak’s to you in a way not many other bands can. Counterparts give emotions as sounds as well as words with the riff used to break up the verse and chorus within the track giving off an almost regretful, self-deprecating tone to it that really brings together this whole track.



The emotions Counterparts display are ones that stem from depression and anxiety but they are not displayed in a sombre soft sound they are instead displayed through aggressive and gutsy ballad’s. This is what makes this track brilliant and what makes Counterparts as a band exceptional and also gives me faith in the soon to be released album by them ‘You’re Not You Anymore’.

Written by  Jake La Ponder

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