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Lots Holloway returns with her new single “Stay A Little Longer”

Following the release of her acclaimed debut single, ‘World’s On Fire’, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Lots Hol loway returns with the follow up – ‘Stay A Little Longer’, available on Why I? Records via Absolute.

Like her debut single, ‘Stay A Little Longer’ manages to balance real pop appeal whilst still possessing compelling, thought-provoking lyrics that question our society.  This time round Lots has delivered a dark, psychedelic instrumental to accompany her distinctive and striking vocal. It’s a style and sound that compliments the track’s topic of “manipulative people” Lots explains. “Be it in relationships, friendships, or even in politics. Those that are controlling, possessive and power thirsty – with charm and an ability to hypnotise you.”


As well as the songwriting, Lots is also responsible for the most of the instrumentation, production, and programming of her music. The accompanying visuals and video are also all done by her, something she’s keen to continue doing to help achieve her creative vision.

Born in a small town in Cornwall, Lots spent most of her childhood writing lyrics and teaching herself how to play different instruments after being inspired by some of the songs in her parent’s vast collection of music. First the drums, then the guitar, the bass, and finally the piano. Once Lots had mastered each of these elements individually, she began to merge them, along with her lyrics, and started crafting and arranging entire songs.

Since moving to London in 2011 she’s continued to hone in on her own musical style, taking inspiration from icons such as Talking Heads, David Bowie and Kate Bush, combining this with her own natural talent and diverse ability as a singer-songwriter.

With plans to continue recording throughout 2017 for her debut EP and a string of UK dates to be announced, Lots Holloway is certainly one to watch.


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