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TRAILS release bass-driving, synth-licking single “IOU”

Experimental, Brisbane, five-piece TRAILS have released brand new, bass-driving, synth-licking single IOU; a passive-aggressive revolt of a generation.

To celebrate the release of IOU the crew from TRAILS will be playing a gig at Black Bear Lodge with mates Mecha Mecha, and Hooch on Thursday, July 27.

IOU began, in the mind of vocalist and writer Tyler Shilling, as a mammoth project with some unexpected influences.

IOU was always really massive sounding in my head; booming bass, and a kind of Jay-Z style hip-hop beat.,” said Shilling.

 The single themes of a revolutionary, repressed generation and the quiet ways in which they can fight back

“I wanted the music to carry the aggression in the song, and sing in a softer tone to create a weird divide between the weight of the music and themes against the reserved, hesitant vocal delivery,” said Shilling.

“I feel this song represents a kind of nervous anxiety,  a state of confusion and frustration that a lot of young people are feeling. It’s a kind of bratty beating of the chest to anyone who wants to try and take away our rights, our individuality, because they think they know better.” 

For guitarist Dominic Pelecanos, the struggle translating the technical aspects of IOU to the studio was a rewards process.

“The initial idea was a fairly ambitious meshing of genres, we were concerned that we’d struggle to translate it into a live studio sound. But with Konstantin Kersting’s guidance and ingenuity we feel we’ve pulled if off, and are very happy with the result,” said Pelecanos.


Combining hypnotic vocals, ethereal synths, intricate instrumental layerings and driving rhythms TRAILS delivers a powerfully distinctive signature sound.

Drawing inspiration from the towering riffs of Radiohead, the pop sensitivity of Everything Everything, the genre hopping sonic ornamentation of Yeasayer and the thunderous post rock rhythms of Foals, TRAILS delivers its own brand of densely dark alt rock.

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