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Ella from Killing Heidi chats to Jen after they announce a Massive Regional Tour.


Twenty years after their Australian classics Weir and Mascara catapulted them to top of the national charts, Killing Heidi are back on the road celebrating their 20 year reunion with a massive eleven date tour; taking their live show to regional Australia for the first time in a decade.

The tour follows up to their super successful, rave review garnering capital city tour in June, and gives Killing Heidi the exciting opportunity to reconnect with the parts of Australia they’ve really missed in their 10 years off the road. 

“We’re so excited to announce some regional dates, we love getting to regional areas and performing outside the cities,” said vocalist, Ella Hooper.

Killing Heidi will be hitting stages in Darwin, Ipswich, Gold Coast, Caloundra, Wollongong, Newcastle, Chelsea Heights, Mulgrave, Albury, Redland Bay and Toowoomba.

The early naughties belonged to Killing Heidi with multiple tracks landing in the top 20 of triple j’s Hottest 100. They’ve taken out four ARIA awards, four times platinum status and the critically-acclaimed APRA songwriters of the year award.

Killing Heidi is a seminal part of the Australia independent music industry story.

Tickets will be available on Friday, August 28 from


 Hi Ella, my first thoughts when I heard you were celebrating twenty years since ‘Reflector’ came out was it could not possibly be 20 years. I remember it well and I don’t feel that old! Do you have similar thoughts?

 Sometimes it feels like a lifetime ago, and sometimes only weeks ago! It really depends on what part of the whole experience I’m thinking of and how nostalgic I am that day. I definitely don’t feel that old either, which is a good thing or I wouldn’t be able to sing these youthful songs with conviction!

 From my point of view I love how you were open to celebrating the 20th anniversary as I enjoyed listening to you back then. Listening to your music again brings up so many memories of 20 years ago. Do you feel this will happen to you?

 Yes, it really brings it all back, all the memories, the friends, the boyfriends, the touring, the shenanigans…



Great to hear that ‘Reflector’ is now online, as I feel that the new generation of music lovers can now connect to the music that I did at their age. Was there a reason that you had not taken your music online before now?

No, no good reason… Just a few technical issues in the form of licensing, etc. I’m so glad it’s there for all to find now too.



It’s super special that you are celebrating twenty years when Queenscliff Festival is also celebrating their 20th year and you are the headliner on the opening night. I read that it is one festival that you take your family too. What are you looking forward to the most in regard to returning to performing?

It was a total honour to play and headline that festival, such a blast with the whole family there as it had been so long… But the vibes were ecstatic and we loved the experience so much we decided to do a few more shows… and a few more shows… and now a tour!


You have not performed for a while; are there certain aspects of performing and touring that you are concerned about or do you feel that it is going to be like riding a bike?

Well, I have never stopped playing live, I’ve had many projects since Killing Heidi. So, what I’m really loving about all this is the chance to bring all that extra experience to the old songs and material of my youth. I feel like I’m getting away with something sneaky, cause it’s so much better than it’s ever been.

 Do you think there is one song from your collection that is going to stand out for you to either enjoy the most playing live?

Weir goes bananas, I love playing album tracks like Real People and the acoustic bracket in the middle of the set is nice for people who like the softer stuff.

 Your tour includes regional areas of Australia. I love that because there is one near me! Would you say that you prefer gigs that are more intimate with fans or the feeling of a huge crowd at a festival?

I really can’t choose, as they’re both magic in their own way. I will be more in the mood for one after doing a lot of the other, so variety is a blessing!

Taking our minds back when Reflector was released as well as the next two albums were you aware of the huge impact that your music had on people? I have read stories of people saying that because of you they felt like they could be themselves. Truly inspiring!

That’s the biggest compliment in the world, it makes any hard days totally worth it, to know that your had their impact and or inspired just one person

Was this one reason you wanted to be an artist? Or was it an added bonus?

It was an added bonus, but a very very rewarding one.



Can you shed light on life after Killing Heidi?

 It’s a little hard to compress 10 years. A lot more music, two more bands and 3 solo albums, some TV, some radio, some time spent with friends. A whole lot of growing up!



I am interested what music that you are and have listened to over the time you were not actively touring and writing. I imagine similar to myself that The Wiggles may feature in this! Seriously though are there artists that stand out for you?

 I am pretty enmeshed in the Melbourne rock and punk scene, I love it. I also live for country, Americana or alt country, wha ever you want to call it, ‘twang’ has a huge appeal for me and I mainly go and see these kinds of artist. Crazy raw charismatic rock and roll and make you cry slide guitar ballads with razor blade sharp lyrics. That’s my bag!

Thanks for your time. I enjoyed taking a visit back in time. Look forward to seeing you guys on tour.




“I can’t believe it’s been twenty years since we started this band, I was thirteen, (Jesse) was fifteen. We are loving getting back into playing these songs again after so long,” said Ella.

“I think we’re playing theses songs better than we ever did. People may know the songs, and they’ll get to hear the songs they love, but they’ve never seen Killing Heidi like this,” said Jesse Hooper.

Killing Heidi is a seminal part of the Australia independent music industry story.

“Ella’s performance is as alive as ever. Vibrant and rockin’, it was clearly evident she was enjoying being back on stage fronting Killing Heidi, especially during the harder hitting songs, such as ‘Superman/Supergirl’, ‘Mascara’ and set-closing, crowd favorite, ‘Weir’.”
Rolling Stone

“Similar to how a ballerina can silence a crowd, Ms Hooper can incite (the crowd’s) chaos to whatever level suitable. Needless to say the chemistry between her and her brother is still impossible to fracture.” GlamAdelaide




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