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Roughkast’s new music video mixes modern synth with spaghetti westerns

Austin-based indie rock band Roughkast have released their brand new single ‘Where Is The Girl’ and a comedic western music video with it. The single is a fun, synth-led summer rock jam, which doesn’t quite go with the setting of the music video, but definitely fits in with the light-hearted tone of it.

Roughkast first landed on the scene in 2013, releasing their first album ‘Start A Ruckus’, becoming finalists in Hard Rock Cafe’s ‘Hard Rock Rising’ competition, and playing legendary venues such as Fitzgerald’s in Houston as well as college campuses all over Texas. This new single will be the follow-up to their second full length album ‘We Don’t Catch No Turtles’ and pulls in influences from some of the band’s favorite artists such as The Wombats, the Killers, and Arctic Monkeys.

The music video itself was filmed right outside of Austin in Manor, TX at the J. Lorraine Ghost Town and uses cutting-edge special effects such as ‘pop guns from the grocery store’ and ‘running a Lego character over with a toy train’. No expense was spared in the making of this video.

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