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Wildwood Festival is fast approaching and Jen chats to Hayley from The Jezabels, headlining the day.

The Jezabels are the Headliners of Wildwood Festival and Jen asked Hayley if it is still a buzz headlining a Festival like Wildwood. She answered…

“Yes and I think that does cause a little bit of pressure, is great, it is amazing! You get to go and see the bands are playing before you as well. Obviously it feels great but we are also hoping that people aren’t too tired to stay to the end of the festival to see us! (Laughing) It is a wonderful thing it feels great.”

Wildwood 2017 Port’s favourite positive community boutique acoustic roots festival is only 6 weeks away.  As the warmer weather draws nearer, grab your tickets now before you miss out – Get musically intimate at Cassegrain Winery on Sunday October 1st!

The Jezabels * British India * The Hard Aches * Hugo Race FatalistsSahara Beck * Alex the Astronaut * Karl S. Williams – Musical Fool *Mitch King * Andy Jans-Brown * Jeremiah Johnson – AUS * Shanteya and Jo * Jackson James * Merkin * Jimmy Memeguel-leigh.

Jen points out that The Jezabels have played all of Australia’s amazing Festivals, including Splendour, Falls and Groovin the Moo. Jen if she has a preference for Playing Festivals or tours.  Hayley answered ” No I don’t have a preference I like them all each one has their benefits or drawbacks.  Festivals are very social and great, less pressure that we are not the only ones the people there want to see. We like to let loose a little bit and have some fun. Also if we are lucky to get some new fans.” They discussed their dislike of camping and would rather stay in a nice hotel.

Jen was interested if Hayley had a pet hate of festivals. No but I got to admit I don’t go to festivals unless I am playing these says. I have never been much of the festival goer, I grew up in Byron that has the Blues festival and Splendour.  I went to a few of those as a teenager and that was great. I think I kind of got used to going for free because we had local tickets. I have never done a camping festival, I never really liked the nitty gritty get down to earth. I’m sure it is wonderful for some people. It does require a great deal of energy. I am glad that they do.”



Hayley, thanks for discussing Wildwood Festival with me, lets turn to The Jezabels now in more detail.

You guys are an amazing band. You seem to be a band that can see silver linings and are very resilient. Do you think that that you have been able to persevere and come through the difficult times because you were good friends before you became a band?

Thanks that is a really nice thing to say. To be quite honest with you, we grew up together but I really wouldn’t say it was that. A lot of bands they put forward, friendship and that they are a bunch of mates playing music in a room together hanging out partying and being there for each other. We are not really that kind of band. We have known each other for a long time but we are actually very different people and we didn’t really come together as similar people like friends that have same interest. We are more North East South West and we have been through some quite testing circumstances that a kind of closeness that has come about which is more like siblings where you have kind of been through so much with people that I respect exists and kind of need to do the right thing. A bond has been formed because when you are tested by things,  like who am I and what am I made of here. It isn’t really that when mates that it is more that we have been brought closer by hardship.

Do you feel that all the crap Heather and you guys went through has enhanced your stock that you can draw from when writing songs?

Yes it has been up and down, in some cases it seems that we have exhausted our stock and we have had a lot of times and we have felt that we needed to disappear for a while and not do this for a few months. Then a bunch of ideas will just kind of come and start bursting out of you and you don’t realize till later that it is something that happened a year ago where you are kind of overcoming things that happened in the past basically. It is great when we all seem to have that feeling at the same time. then we get a bunch of stuff going but I think what we have taken from, is lessons that we have learnt is not to put too much pressure on ourselves. We take steps back when needed. Life experience of course definitely influences what we write about. We are definitely not the same band that we were when we were 19.

You have a reputation as having unconventional practices and lately you have announced a few. The 7 night stretch at the Lansdowne Hotel will be a blast! Are you assuming that the crowds will be different every night?

I am assuming that there will be a little of double up there.

I guess it means that people can arrange a night out with their friends as they have no excuse to say no I can’t go that night…

Yeah, we will be changing the set a touch, we won’t be doing completely different set every night but we will be playing a few different ones. Some new ones, some that we have never played live. Mixing it up. I know that there are couple of people that will be there a few nights. but ultimately I think will be a little bit of a different crowd each night.

All seven nights have sold out now. That is awesome. It is also great that you have a different supporting band every night to support local Aussie bands. Was that your intention?

Yes, that was our intention, there is a lot of talk about how small the music scene is in Sydney but that doesn’t actually feel that way, it feels like there are a lot of bands and there are a lot of people playing music and quite a few people fighting to keep venues open. we were actually booking the support bands quite late and there are a bunch of Sydney bands that we would have liked to play that were busy already.


I am enjoying listening to ‘The Others’. It has a catchy tune that seems to have a tinge of sadness around it. When I first listened to it I thought it was a catchy feel good song. When writing the song did have in your mind that you were writing of pain and heartache Is that the direction you planned for the song to go?

Thanks Jen.  I never really think I’m going to come up with a sad or happy song I just kind of go with it. I guess often we often make the music sound a little bit different to the lyrics and a lot of our music sounds quite upbeat and happy when the lyrics are a little sad. You’ve to have some sort of twist or it’s very one dimensional I suppose. It is a bit of a happy and sad song and that’s the place I’ve been in lately. So no it wasn’t conscious but I guess you just kind of feel it out and if you think it’s going to be too happy or too sad you had to rein it in.

We had a chat about Melbourne and the weather. We discussed that I will see them on the Midnight Oil tour. I told Hayley that I wanted to see if she does actually dance like Peter Garrett.

Haley knew that people thought that but can’t see it. She said that is might have been because they are both skinny. I will find out later this year. It was great to have a chat with Hayley and I wished her well for the Festival and their tour.


The Jezabels latest information.

Releasing ‘The Others’ as a stand-alone track, not connected with any other release or project, continues their theme of unconventional practices, that follows their decision to play 7 shows over 7 nights at Sydney’s Lansdowne Hotel this month.

“We’re revisiting our romantic roots in this new song, though with a newfound directness. Lyrically it’s a reflection of the kind of intense loneliness that makes simply being in ones own body feel painful. The unsolvable predicament of ones desire for another crossing over into a desire to lose yourself, where the body is both the blissful point of contact, but also, the thing which keeps you constantly separate. Musically we have tried to sit that on a soundscape that is both euphoric and melancholy, driving but pensive”

The band are just about to commence a run of sold out shows at the Lansdowne Hotel later this month – 7 nights back to back.

With the release of this new track, the band show a return to form that cannot be denied.



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