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Sophie reviews 5 Seconds of Summer Sweden show

Date: August 24th 2017

Venue: Gröna Lund, Stockholm, Sweden


Setlist:   21198142_10154746694526674_1508296482_o.jpg

  1. Girls Talk Boys
  2. Hey Everybody!
  3. Disconnected
  4. Don’t Stop
  5. If You Don’t Know
  6. Good Girls
  7. Waste The Night
  8. Vapor
  9. Outer Space
  10. Amnesia
  11. Castaway
  12. Jet Black Heart
  13. End Up Here
  14. What I Like About You (The Romantics cover)
  15. She’s Kinda Hot
  16. She Looks So Perfect



The night of the 24th of August was so  special. 5 Seconds of Summer played at the amusement park Gröna Lund in the center of Stockholm, Sweden. Due to the venue the lead guitarist Michael Clifford pulled some jokes in between songs and the crowed smiled, laughed and were charmed as per usual when these lads says practically anything.

Sweden is known to have atractive people and the guys weren’t short on the compliments. ”So many beautiful people at the same place, well that’s just Sweden.” Believe me when I say that that sentence got the biggest cheer!

The setlist contained of 16 songs and their set lasted for about an hour and a half. They mixed the songs pretty well, in my opinion, and they opened with Girls Talk Boys to get the crowed going and continued with Hey everybody! to keep the energy level high. The crowd was singing along loudly, dancing, jumping and waving their hands in the air. They never seemed to get tired, even though some of the girls in the front had been queuing the whole day. 5 Seconds of Summer sure has some dedicated fans to say the least!



The lightshow worked well with the songs and their change of tempo through out their whole set. It was entertaining to hear them talk between the songs and especially since they explained their love for our country while doing so. Amnesia made the crowed sing loudly together as one and raise their phones to the sky which created a beautiful sea of lights, even though the show was held outside. It was dark enough around this time of the set and it created a beautiful image. And in Good Girls they changed the lyrics to ”She can speak Swedish, I think she’s fluent.” They finished of their set with the well known She Looks So Perfect and promised that they’ll be back soon with their third album coming up!

written by Sophie Calbrant



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