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Harbouring Oceans release a beautiful song called ‘Railway’.


Lovely song to listen to. ‘Railway’ has it all, perfect harmonies, a great message and strong lead vocals. Love!

Railway is a song about self discovery and identification. It deals with searching for what you love and discovering what you hate. It examines the process of trying to better yourself through through self reflection. Railway was written at quite a young age at a time when there is a lot of confusion around who you want to be as a person, and the fear of becoming something you don’t like and don’t stand for as you grow older.


Harbouring Oceans are a five-piece alt pop / art rock outfit from Dublin, Ireland.

Drawing heavily from genres outside their rock foundations, the sound of Harbouring Oceans is characterised by close harmony, deep rhythmic grooves and soulful vocal melodies. Hip-hop and electronica are also strong features in the band’s sonic signature. This dynamic sound ranges from quiet, almost ambient territory to squalls of thunderous noise!

After their first release as a band in 2016, Harbouring Oceans have spent the last year building the creative infrastructure necessary for one of the most consistent and aggressive high quality release campaigns ever attempted by an indie band.

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