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Behind Crimson Eyes release inspiring foreword to new song “Stardust” – out next Friday Nov 3


Statement from Behind Crimson Eyes:

“It’s been 11 years since we released A Revelation for Despair, and 9 years since we released Self-Titled. A lot has changed in that time; we’ve experienced the joy of new life entering this world, and the sadness of old life leaving it. We’ve witnessed the decline of civil discourse and the rise of extremism. And stood idly by as our pale blue dot continues to warm.

It’s over this period we realised just how fleeting and precious the time we have on this earth is. With that in mind, we decided that Behind Crimson Eyes should serve to inspire people to make a positive impact on the world; to improve the happiness and well-being for everyone, now, and in the future.

To achieve these aims, we teamed up with Dr Peter Boghossian — a philosophy professor at Portland State University in Colorado — to write a foreword, entitled “Make it count”, that embodies these values. It’s our hope that the words of Dr Boghossian inspire people to become more compassionate and introspective.

Make it count marks a new beginning for Behind Crimson Eyes; one of purpose and ambition. We believe this will be the most important and heaviest music we have ever written.”

Behind Crimson Eyes’ new song Stardust will be released next Friday November 3 – the countdown timer at will end at 11am AEDT. They are playing at the sold-out Unify Gathering Friday January 12.

For more information, go to and


Is it true?

Is it true there’s no purpose without God?
Without an afterlife?
And if you stopped believing your life wouldn’t be worth living?
That you wouldn’t be kind or compassionate?
That you couldn’t find love or happiness?
And you wouldn’t have any reason to go on?

What-if-we create our own purpose in life?
What if goodness doesn’t exist by decree but is within us?
What if what you’re seeking isn’t found in the heavens, but is right in front of you?
You-have-made your purpose because there is no God,
Because there is no afterlife.

Everyone you have loved and lost, and
Every act of kindness and every moment of happiness, matters,
Because it’s fleeting.
This is your one moment in the sun.
Right now, this second,
Because this is all we have.


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