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We May Fall share visuals for “Down” feat. Alex Reade from Drown This City

Down is informed by loss.

The most brutal kind of loss. The kind you can’t explain; you can’t comfort it with logic or rationale. Something was there, now it’s not. Leaving you in a hurricane of what could have been, and what never will be. Down is knowing there’s no one to blame but yourself.

Set to the backdrop of Sydney’s cityscape, the visuals for Down remain faithful to the songs piercing tale of woe. With the pace and tone of a Ridley Scott film from the 1980s, Down portrays the dueling voices of heartbreak, both drawing blood with each slash of the lexical blade. The video was directed by the keen eye of Ben Kalgovas, and produced by the forward-thinking Chris Elder.

“It’s like something is always at arm’s length, you can feel it just around the corner, behind you, but it’s not there, when you turn. It drives you crazy. It’s a constant source of frustration, of confusion. But a beautiful one.”  — We May Fall vocalist JJ Brady

Nestled within the folds of their brand new album The Light Bearer & The Shadow Maker, Down is the latest single from We May Fall, who created musical alchemy with Drown This City’s incandescent vocalist Alex Reade. Produced by Tye  ‘T-Bones’ Pennington, Down is a stunning departure from the band’s previous output, a bloom of synth-powered metalcore. No, not Synth wave. Synthcore.


We May Fall Australian Tour Dates
Tickets available now

Saturday, 4th November – The Factory Floor – Sydney
Sunday, 12th November – Crow Bar – Brisbane
Saturday, 18th November – Bang – Melbourne

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