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STÄLKER premiere music video for track “Shocked To Death”

Welcome back to the glory of the 80s!

With “Shadow Of The Sword” STÄLKER send you back on a trip in time to the wild days of raw Speed Metal mayhem. Heavy tempo driven songs up to full speed!

Your head will be crushed into a million pieces with a bunch of divebomb-overloads, thrash metal shredding, blastbeats and high pitched falsetto vocals. You certainly can’t ask for more. Songs like “Satanic Panic”, “Shocked To Death” and “Steel God” speak volumes.

The band commented on the track:
“Meddling with forces beyond your comprehension, an evil force surges through your bones. Now overtaken by the rush of power, your body finally succumbs to this unnatural carnage. YOU’RE SHOCKED TO DEATH”


“Shadow Of The Sword” full track listing:

  1.    Total Annihilation
  2.    The Mutilator
  3.    Path Of Destruction
  4.    Shadow Of The Sword
  5.    Satanic Panic
  6.    Shocked To Death
  7.    Demon Dawn
  8.    Master Of Mayhem
  9.    Evil Dead
  10.    Steel God

“Shadow Of The Sword” is out now



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