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The Suicide Tuesday’s release “This Is For You” an honest and confronting tune.

Whisk and Key Records is proud to present the long-anticipated debut album from Melbourne Folk-Punk band The Suicide Tuesdays.

Formed in 2014, The Suicide Tuesdays have spent the last three years honing their brand of gravel-voiced Folk-Punk and developing a cult following of adoring fans within the Australian Punk scene.

“This Is For You” is an autobiographical account of singer Joe Guiton’s experiences with anxiety, depression, death, alcohol and substance abuse. The songs are honest, confronting and, at times, hard to hear with some live shows even reducing the toughest of punks to tears.


To celebrate the announcement of the record, the band have released the first single “1997” and an accompanying lyric video. The song is about leaving lifelong friendships behind and trying to survive the town you grew up in.

“This Is For You” will be available on January 18th through iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp and all good streaming services/digital retailers.

Suicide Tuesdays album cover

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