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Jen chats to Eat Your Heart Out about their new EP ‘Mind Games’ and more!

Eat Your Heart Out are: 

Caitlin Henry (vocals), Andrew Anderson (guitar), Will Moore (guitar), Dom Cant (bass), and Jake Cronin (drums)

Since their emergence in 2012, Eat Your Heart Out have ignited excitement around the world with their ideas of emo energy, punk power, and pop palatability. Along the way, the band self-released two EPs,Distance Between Us (2015) and Carried Away (2017), signed a deal with Fearless Records, and toured with the likes of Trophy Eyes, Hands Like Houses, Knuckle Puck, Real Friends, and many others.

I had the chance to have a conference call with Andrew, Will, Dom and Jake which was great at the time but did not allow me to let you the readers know who said what! I have combined their answers.

You guys had a massive year last year. Was the winning the competition to play Groovin the Moo the highlight for you and of course the actual playing at the Festival?

Yeah, absolutely. From our area,  from a small rural town near Newcastle, playing at festival that was in between our hometown and Newcastle was a big step up. We have all obviously been to the festival ourselves as punters so it was really cool to be performing there. Also Groovin the Moo crew are super cool and accommodating so it was an awesome experience.

Any other highlights you want to mention?

Trying to think……  I guess along with the Groovin spot I guess there were a few people watching. The Fearless guys that we end up signing with scouted us during that set, they were pretty keen on signing us but they weren’t totally sold yet. They watched the live stream of our set and they really vibe’d on it and sent stuff through the next day and said let’s do this! So Groovin the Moo was a definitive moment for us. everything did happen at that one time I guess.

Pretty cool that you were signed by Fearless Records from them watching a live performance of you. I expect with your genre you were stoked that they wanted to sign you, I mean, Tonight Alive, The Maine, Real Friends, I mean the list is endless of bands that I love. Did you grew up listening to them?

Funnily enough I think of the formative time of this band we were all listening, well a few not all of us, Andrew, Dom and Caity were listening to a few Fearless bands ourselves,  I am personally at the Mayday Parade fan. That was like the first alternative pop punk band that I grabbed onto and their music speaks to me. I think that was a big thing at the time when Fearless approached us, I was like, this is the Mayday Parade label! This is crazy! I don’t even know how to explain how I felt at that moment.

Mind Games EP


Moving on to your new EP recently released, I must say that I noticed a real maturing of the songs meanings as well as musically from your other two EP’s.

Firstly, how does your writing process normally go? A whole band or more of an individual approach?

It changes. It depends on the song, there are different ways that we do it. Sometimes we just jam out ideas and other times one person will just write the whole song, and one of us plays a song and then we all have input. It is a collaborative but it means it can still be personal from someone to. If someone has an idea or a feeling that they want to put across and then they bring it to the band and as we still have to perform it, the five individuals that we are it always turns into something different and there is always a six person involved when we record, the person that is producing the record. That has a lot to do with the I think working with Zac Tush on this one, we had a bit more time to do preproduction on songs. We have not really done that before, we have always been working with our own money and things like that. Last time we had the five days in the studio and so we had to get it done then. This time we had a few days to pull the songs apart and put them together the best we could and Zac was one of the most dedicated hard-working person I have ever met. He made sure that everything that we put on the EP was a conscious decision so he questioned everything. He would say “Do you want that to be there?” and we had to back ourselves up and justify everything we put down and I think as you said hearing the growth in the songs that is probably the biggest point bold click is we were forced to confront our own songwriting.

I saw your studio video and that was really interesting, I mean one amazing place to record. A place amongst the gum trees.

Yes, it was beautiful. I guess with the pressure of writing it all and thinking about going to the studio along with working every day job and just dividing your time and it is hard to only think about songwriting. To remove ourselves from our regular environment and live in that kind of studio was pure beauty. Again that is something that we have never done before. We have never stayed where we were working before.

Oh Okay.

We would wake up and start working on songs and we would work to one in the morning and we started, well not usually too early. Zac was working around the clock which was part of all living together for 5 days. Everything that happened there was about the EP. It was intense but I was good.

Well yes, ultimately the finished product was worth the hard work.

Your first single from ‘Mind Games’ is ‘Conscience’. We all have a relationship or a friendship I think that we need to clear our conscience with because of the heavy feeling of guilt. I really like this song. I like it because it is relatable, I like it as it makes me feel reflective and I like it because when watching the music video the emotions are in a way dripping from it.

Yeah, the music video really fits the song well.

Was this written from Caitlin’s personal experience of wanting to get that feeling of guilt away?

  Lyrically that came from me and as you said about the clearing of conscience of a relationship or something like that or even in within a relationship the song is this kind of about feeling stuck on the same thing and knowing that being stuck on it is not going to help you repair the relationship or get over it. It was never meant to be too complex just more based around that feeling I’m not going to get over this relationship if I can’t get over it.

Having Patrick Miranda feature on this song is a great way of getting his fans and fans of Movements to watch or listen to the single. I read comments on youtube such as “I came for Patrick and stayed for both” and “Love this song that I listened to because of Patrick” and many more. In fact all positive comments which is unusual!  Have you felt that?

As you said from your perspective it is mostly positive, especially when they say they came here for Patrick and I thought the song was great. They fully have the choice to say the opposite of that and I could say anything that I want. The negative comments were so outrageous, we have a laugh. We are just grateful that they have checked us out at all.

Next few minutes the audio played up a bit for the rest of this question.

Can you choose one of the other songs on the EP and take me through its writing process?

Well I like ‘Cellophane’ because that is based on a song that I wrote. I feel attached to that one as I have not really done much writing before which is kind of cool.


Stoked to hear that you are support Simple Plan along with Real Friends in April. I have met the boys in Simple Plan many times now and they are great at sharing their experience with younger bands.

Their No Pads album is still one of my all-time fav albums. Are you guys fans?

Yeah! ‘I am Just a Kid’ was one of the first singles that I bought. I like them because I think everyone is a fan of theirs to some sort of degree. They were on such a high level of the time, I mean I was 10 at the time when the album came out and I knew it and this is a statement in itself because I can’t imagine 10-year-old me being part of edgy underground, (laughing) I mean I was listening to what I was given at the time and I was the thing at the time. It is super exciting to know that we are going to get to watch all those songs being played for a few nights.


Love your merch, who designs that?

My girlfriend has done the majority of it.  Someone particularly has a broad idea and  we usually do a crude drawing and we give it to people who know what to do with it.  (laughing) And usually we get very good designs back. One of the best parts about doing this is working with really great people, I don’t think where the most visually creative bunch but I think music is our forte.  (all laughing) There are some people that are really creative in everything but I can’t see that in us. I can’t draw to save my life but music I can imagine but I just can’t imagine the visual stuff so well.

Well don’t give up your music!

Check out their merch here

It is interesting that those designers have the same passion for visual ideas that I can’t even imagine.

Are you having new merch done for the SP tour?

Yes! Don’t know what it is yet but we are talking with designers at the moment and we are going to reach out and see what we can have done and hopefully have a nice little merch catalogue.

What is happening for you guys in the months prior to the Simple Plan tour?

We are playing a festival called the Mountain Goat Valley Crawl in the Fortitude Valley near Brisbane. The festival is put on over a different bunch of venues. It is similar to the Big Sound where it is held over several different venues.

Ah yeah I get it.

It is a free festival you can go any show you want. There are some really cool acts on, Philadelphia Grand Jury are playing and that is cool. We are excited to play our set and hang out in the Valley. We are also doing and AA show in Sydney. So we do have a couple of standalone shows prior to the Simple Plan tour. We also have a music video coming out. The Rust music video will be out early February.


Talking about music videos, I love your music video for ‘Conscience’. Really ties in well with the song. I like the real Aussie scenes of trees and the Combi van. The little Titanic theme made me smile. Can you tell us about the filming of the video? Did anything go wrong or anything funny happen?

Yes we blew up a PA at the start of the day and we had to go and hire one! The big trouble with that was that Patrick was already on tour, So to get a videographer to get in contact with Pat and put aside an hour so Patrick can shoot his part of the video when he is not driving to the next city to play a show or rehearse or doing press as they decide their album released and it worked out as we were worried that he would not be in it.

It all worked out for you! Well I better let you guys go, I appreciate your time and I look forward to seeing you on tour.

Thanks Jen.

My pleasure.

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