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The Union’s debut single “Saskia” out now

“Saskia is a great tune to listen to any time and any place. Chill out to it as background music, or turn it up and headbang to it’s compelling raw emotion.”
— Music Injection

Introducing ‘The Union,’ a new five-piece rock band from Adelaide, South Australia.

Although they’ve only just stepped onto the scene, ‘The Union‘ are already making a name for themselves. The group have all known each other for quite a long time. Previously pursuing different paths in a handful of other semi-successful bands, they now have the chance to follow a new path, together. They have set out to create music with a positive, uplifting message. For it to be organic, genuine and something they believe in. The Union is more than just a band name, it is a union of brothers with a story to tell.

“By allowing themselves time to develop the song fully, in Saskia, The Union are able to deliver a track that makes for a coherent package with plenty to engage the listenerwhilst not overstaying its welcome.  — Emerging Indie Bands UK

The boys are ex-members of deeply-loved Adelaide projects Mayweather, Before Clear Skies and Dangerous! – one of only two Australian acts to ever sign with the legendary Epitaph Records, and the only Australian act to ever sign with Epitaph worldwide. Dangerous! appeared at festivals including Sonisphere Festival, Download Festival, Big Day Out, Pushover and Pyramid Rock.

Years of dedication, hard work and crafting their songwriting in previous projects was unknowingly leading to one thing… The Union.

2018 is shaping up to be an important year for the emerging band, with tracking of their debut LP beginning in late January.

“The Union’s “Saskia”, debut single is one for the books, a sure keeper of sorts, that will kick start this band, into the limelight of the music pop rock scene for sure. They have got style, with lots of attitude and energy, that will grasp the attention of many.”  — Nataliez World US

Tommy – Vocals / Acoustic
Nev – Guitar, Vocals
Pete – Drums
Dave – Bass
Muncie – Guitar



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