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Tara Favell tells Jen about her new EP ‘Wild Heart’.


Country music singer songwriter Tara Favell has dropped her new EP ‘Wild Heart’.  This release follows the success of her last record and feature single ‘Heart-Break’. which garnered over 15,000 views online and received airplay across country radio.

Check all Tara’s news out on her facebook page.

Hailing from Canberra, she now calls Sydney home. A musical child by nature, songwriting and performing from the age of 14. Tara’s songs reflect raw and honest storytelling, creating a journal of her life, which many of her listeners can engage and relate to.

“Wild Heart is a diary of songs from me from the past 12-18 months of my life. I learnt a lot during this time & wanted each song to be about a different feeling & different experience I had.“ –  Tara Favell

‘Wild Heart’  captures a fresh country pop cross over sound, deriving influence from Kelsea Ballerini and Carley Pearce. The 5 track EP features a collection of songs inspired by different moments in time. Each track exploring a different theme, from heartbreak, vulnerability, naiveness to the rollercoaster of emotions that couple with chasing a dream. Continuing to collate a strong performance resume, Tara has appeared at the Tamworth Country Music Festival, Nelson Bay Country Music Festival and the Sydney Royal Easter Show 3 years running. She has also performed alongside Luke O’shea, Jared Porter, Kaylee Bell at the Camden Country Show and opened for Amber Lawrence.

Her hard work and passion shines through in her gig and touring schedule. “Music is where I feel most at home and I can be 100% myself”.  2018 is already shaping up to be a busy year for the young singer songwriter, with this release marking the beginning!

Wild Heart_TaraFavell_EP PR1

Hi Tara, congratulations on your EP debuting at #1 on the Country Album charts! I bet you were stoked about that!

Hi Jen, Thank you so much! I’ve never had a #1 on iTunes before so it was definitely the best way to start 2018!!

You started songwriting and singing at 14. Was there a particular inspiration for you that helped you to go in this direction for your career?

There were a few things that definitely inspired me to start songwriting one was a band from England called McFly, I heard one of their albums & instantly wanted to start playing guitar & writing my own songs. Also being a teenager in high school is always a hard time when you’re growing up & music became my escape, I could go home & write songs about anything I was feeling or if I was upset about anything and it instantly made me feel better – that’s definitely the major reason I love songwriting so much. 

How do you feel that your shows went at Tamworth?

The shows at Tamworth CMF this year were amazing! This was definitely my favourite festival I’ve played and I felt the most confident I’ve ever felt performing – I also got to do my first full band show at the festival which was definitely a highlight for me!

Having 3 shows on the first day is pretty gruelling, although I think that it would settle the nerves for the rest of the festival.

I have to ask, you are playing in Hotels, and an unusual place, a Hungry Jacks! I can’t get my head around where you would play, do you know the details yet?

During the festival almost everywhere you go you can hear someone playing music! Which I think is really cool, I played Hungry Jacks twice this festival and you basically just play a chilled out set to people eating lunch – it definitely was a different vibe to the pub gigs but the festival is all about getting your music heard by as many people as you can so any performance helps with that!

Moving on to your EP just released, now your music is out there in the world how are you feeling? Any fan comments that you can share?

I’m so excited to have this EP out & having these songs being heard! The response has been really positive from everyone who has talked to me about the EP! Its really interesting to hear what peoples favourite songs are as well – A lot of people love the acoustic track I did with Josh Setterfield & there are a few stories behind some of the other songs which some of my friends know about so they definitely have favoured those tracks haha!

 Your sound is Country with a cross over into Pop. The first track “Fast” certainly can be described as that, I was wondering if you try to fit into the two genres or is it natural for you?

I think country these days is a very wide variety of sounds from traditional to folk to pop & even bro country! My sound isn’t a traditional country sound & I’ve always loved writing catchy up beat hooks for my songs so I think in that respect it falls into the pop category well but I love the story telling element behind country songs which I always aim to incorporate in my songs as well.

The second track ‘Lighter’ has delightful guitar chords that could go as far to be called folk. Can you explain the meaning if this song?  I really do like this track.

Thank you so much! Lighter is a song I wrote about being in the music industry and having this big dream – unfortunately not everyone believes in you or thinks you can achieve what you want to achieve and will try & bring you down. Its very easy to believe those sort of people and get disheartened but for me music is what I love to do & im going to always keep striving for my goals – this song is a bit of a “stuff you” song to the people who don’t believe in you and basically saying you can’t put out this fire I have inside for this dream!

Singing with Josh Setterfield would have been a fun experience, I have followed his career since his pop punk days. It is great to hear both sides of the story within a song. Can you tell me about the recording of this song? 

It was so much fun to sing with Josh! He did an awesome job producing the the EP & when we were chatting about this song I felt like it needed something else so we decided to make it a duet & give it that Lady Antebellum vibe where you hear the girls point of view & the guys point of view I love the harmonies we did in the vocal tracks too it made this song extra special!

I think my fav off the EP has to be ‘Nothing Like You’, I love the catchy tune and the lyrics could actually go well in another genre, there seems to be a different energy to it. Do you agree?

Nothing Like You is my personal favourite off the EP too! It’s a song that I really wanted to be punchy & have lots of energy so I think it can definitely fall into the pop genre solidly! The story behind this song is really personal and when we were recording it we really wanted to get all of those emotions across!

After Tamworth, what is next for you?

This year I definitely want to focus more on doing more band shows & festivals now I have this EP out to promote I would love to be doing more performances that focus on my original music instead of just covers in pubs! Hopefully I will get to more areas in Australia to perform too like QLD & Victoria & of course keep writing more & more new music to release!

Thanks Tara, I wish you well for your future.



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