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Gyasi releases a catchy tune ‘I Don’t Love You Like You Used To’ Check it out.

“You Don’t Love Me Like You Used To” is a slow groovy song that gets into your mind and creates groovy dancing all around my house. I know this as it has happened to me! Def adding this on my indie Rock playlist. 

In the wild woods of West Virginia, in an isolated hollow, a young boy thought he was a peacock. When he realized, much to his dismay, that he was not a peacock, he picked up a guitar. From then on the sounds of him loudly playing along to the Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix could be heard echoing through the hollow. Placed between roaming peacocks, a family of Russian intellectual revolutionaries, and two parents dedicated to living off the land, Gyasi was brought up in an environment that could only be described as unique. It was an isolated world, where life felt more like the 60s than the 90s. Between his father’s early blues 78 collection and the Velvet Underground and T. Rex records of the Russian family next door, his musical education was rich. The world is sorely lacking in rock stars. Gyasi is a rock star.

“You Don’t Love Me Like You Used To” is off GYASI’s just-released EP, ‘Peacock Fantasies’




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