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Jen chats to FAULKNER about their ALBUM PARIAHS.


Los Angeles, CA:  The long awaited release of PARIAHS, the debut LP from bi-Coastal experimental band FAULKNER is out now! Recorded at Rick Rubin’s Shangri La and East-West studios, produced by RZA, JP Bowersock (The Strokes) and Mark Needham (The Killers), the resulting ‘brave, endearing and honest’ (The Clash Magazine, review) 10 song album is a punchy mix of classic meets new emotive listening. To celebrate the release,  FAULKNER performed to a sold-out crowd at The Peppermint Club in Los Angeles on February 8, 2018!

The band’s dizzying climb to this debut album is the stuff most dreams are made of, when their unfinished demo ‘NY Anthem’ landed in the hands of Wu-Tang mastermind RZA, capturing his interest and artistic contribution. The single (co-written, produced and featuring RZA) made airplay on major sports outlets, taking ESPN by storm and finding love at the NFL, U.S.Open and N.Y. Yankees’ home games. The rockers even found themselves featured on the iconic KROQ radio station – an impressive feat for a debut.

FAULKNER is also THE only band in recent memory to have collaborators in two major rappers on a debut album, captivating the attention of Royce Da 5’9” (Eminem) who went on to co-write and feature on ‘Keep Your Enemies Closer.’

With millions of views on their first music video “Revolutionary” and over 3+ mm streams on Spotify this week alone, FAULKNER is poised for an explosive 2018. Their latest single “Hot Streak” is a high energy track, capturing that feeling of being untouchable like Nicky Barnes.  Sounding like The Weeknd meets The Clash, it’s an uplifting and infectious take on feeling on top of the world and unstoppable.

You can listen to the album here

Hi Guys, In the lead up to the release date how were your nerves?

Nerves were good. We’re just really excited to finally release the album.

Now you have sent your music out into the world how are you feeling?

It’s a good feeling all around. We worked really hard to put this together and we can’t wait to reach as many people as we can with it.

How was the show at the Peppermint Club? Or this might be tonight for you, these time zones are crazy! I can change the tense of the questions if needed.

It rocked. We had a blast. It was our first time playing there and we could not have been happier with how it turned out. From the  awesome crowd to the people that worked at the Peppermint Club, everyone was exceptional. 

From start to finish how long did the album take? From the first concepts till today really.

It took a couple of years. It was a fun process. Everyone in the band knows exactly what they’re supposed to bring and everyone is open to ideas and suggestions so it felt pretty effortless.

You had the album produced by RZA, JP Bowersock (The Strokes) and Mark Needham (The Killers) both well-known and talented, how did this process go? Did it go smoothly?

Yeah, it was very smooth. RZA elevated the band to a level we couldn’t even think it was possible. He is a genius who uses his vast musical knowledge and blends in philosophy, science and even numerology. It’s quite surreal to see him work. JP had a lot to do with the sonic direction of the album. Mark is an amazing veteran producer/mixer with a perfect set of ears for the best take and how to break everything down to its bare bones and build it back up. 

Being “found” by RZA and having ‘NY Anthem’ finding much success quickly, how did this song land in the hands of RZH?

We just sent it to him. When he finally got around to listening to it he reached out. 

It must be pretty surreal that so quickly your music was played at major sporting events. What was it like knowing that your first single was already getting airplay?

It felt great. Being able to reach such big  audiences through major sporting events was a blessing.

Can you please choose one song of the album and take us through the writing process and the meaning behind it?

Our current single “Hot Streak” started off as an idea on an acoustic guitar and then every member started writing individual parts for it. The bass line was built to fit the drum beat and then everything else fell into place. We love how all the layers ended up blending well with each other. 


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