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Twist Helix release a gem of a song in ‘Ouseburn’.

Every now again a quirky song comes along and gets under my skin like ‘Ouseburn’ has done. In particular the verses are relatable and the chorus makes me want to get up and dance in a crazy way. Twist Helix showed me that synth-pop can be all I want in a song.

Vocals & Keys: Bea Garcia
Bass: Michael Humble
Drums: James Walker

“Dramatic verses [..] massive choruses […] euphoric sound” – Born Music
“A sound and stage presence that many acclaimed artists would love to have” – Jenesaispop, Spain
“Twist Helix have established a reputation for their signature sparkling dance-rock sound” – Little Indie Blogs
“The blend of steely Northeast electro-grit and Latin influenced passion is utterly compelling and, most
importantly, wondrously unique”
 – Listen with Monger

“Thought-provoking female fronted electropop that is so engaging that we fell in love with as soon as heard it” – Electronic North


Born out of the hip bars and rundown rehearsal rooms of Newcastle’s Ouseburn Valley, synth-pop band Twist Helix are fascinated with the exploration of place and its relation to creativity and identity.

Drawing influence from their immediate surroundings the band have worked hard to create an effervescent and joyous sound, evocative of the diverse energy and character of their home.

Their latest single ‘Ouseburn’ (released via Madrid-based independent label Paul Back Music), is the quintessential example of this; a sparkling work of indie-electronica that pays homage to the group’s humble DIY beginnings.
The track is highly allusive, referencing everything from local bands to graffiti tags that you can find around the Ouseburn area.

The group’s intelligent, narrative-driven synth-pop and relentless DIY work ethic has seen the band attract media attention around the world, being covered from LA to Helsinki. In 2017, they embarked on tours of the UK and Spain and have appeared as local support to established stars of alternative electronica such as Avec Sans, Samaris, Soccer96 and Kate Jackson & the Wrong Moves.

Launched at a SOLD OUT gig in Newcastle on 09/02/18, the group will start their 10-day ‘Below Byker’ UK Tour to promote their sparkly new single ‘Ouseburn’.

20/02 LONDON The Dublin Castle
21/02 SHEFFIELD The Washington
22/02 BRISTOL The Old England
23/02 WORCESTER Marr’s Bar
24/02 MANCHESTER The Castle Hotel
28/02 BARNSLEY One over the Eight
03/03 DARLINGTON Hullabaloo Theatre 
08/03 SUNDERLAND The Independent
17/03 NEWCASTLE Little Buildings

Follow Twist Helix: Website // Facebook // Twitter // SoundCloud // Spotify // Bandcamp



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