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Sam Woolf and The Como Brothers release ‘On it”, it has gone straight on my playlist after one listen!

I can’t put my finger on it but there but I am drawn to this song, it seems to have an magnetic field or something. A super catchy beat and the song is enhanced with the simple but effective music video. When it finishes I listen to it again and when I turn it off I am singing it in my head. Love it! 

Sam, Matt and Andrew met at a Webster Hall show they performed together in 2015. They all became fast friends and have played around 75+ shows together touring the North East many times. The trio hung out all the time after gigs and started writing songs together in The Como Brothers home studio. The songs were born out of pure fun and jamming out new ideas.  There was a great chemistry between the three friends and the songs came out extremely quickly. 

The three songwriters find it easy to work with each other because they have similar tastes in music with a love for rock, folk, hip-hop, blues, and pop music. These eclectic tastes combine into one coherent and cohesive sound. Currently “On It” is the first single officially released February 7th, 2018. “On It” is the first of a planned six song EP called ‘Backbeat In The Morning’ – the full EP will come later in 2018.  Sam Woolf and The Como Brothers plan to continue to perform shows together, write new music, and they are excited to continue their journey together as great friends and musicians.

On It Cover Art


“On It” is about chasing ones dreams, constantly being on top of everything, and having a one track mind that thinks only of succeeding in music. Sam, Andrew, and Matt believe it is that tunnel vision with regards to practice, musicianship, songwriting, gigs, and planning that will ultimately lead them to success. The trio, is ‘On It’.





Listen on “On It” via Spotify .

• The Como Brothers music has gained immense popularity from their songs being featured in episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, MTV’s The Real World, Oxygen Channels Best Ink, and many other TV Shows and Movies.

• Sam Woolf was a top five finalist on American Idol Season 13 and sang with Phillips Phillips at the season finale. “Your voice is like butter.” – Keith Urban on Sam Woolf. “When you hit the sweet spot in your voice, everything melts.” – Jennifer Lopez on Woolf. 

• Sam Woolf’s debut EP “Pretend” reached #9 on the Billboard HeatSeekers Chart in 2014

• The Como Brothers have had numerous releases climb the top 25 on the iTunes Singer-Songwriter Charts.

• The Como Brothers have established themselves as premier singer-songwriters working with industry legends such as drummer Steve Jordan (John Mayer, Saturday Night Live band, Late Night with David Letterman), keyboardist Andy Burton (Little Stephen & the Disciples of Soul), drummer Aaron Sterling (Taylor Swift), and many more.

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