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Pattern Pusher find unique sounds in their new release ‘Lose Myself.’

‘Lose Myself’ is not only a catchy fun song with great vocals and lyrics but it is a song with pioneer sounds. Not many songs have noises such as falling pencils or metal plates spinning on a table. I like bands that stretch their imagination to improve the listener’s experience. Pattern Pusher is a band that likes to have fun. I would love to see them play this song live! 

Pattern Pusher go beyond music, embracing all artistic elements as a means of expression. Dubbed ‘sonic chameleons’ by Music Muso, it is fair to say that this Devonian Trio are doing something a little different.

Finding influence in James Blake, Bon Iver, Alt-J and Moderat, Pattern Pusher work to create music and visuals with layered synthesizers over heartfelt lyrics – to delight and move – but not necessarily in that order.


I caught up with the guys from Pattern Pusher and had a chat about ‘Lose Myself.

One thing I liked about your song ‘Lose Myself’ was the fact that song and the video made me feel happy. You state in your press release that this song was fun can you give us some info on the writing process of “Lose Myself’?

The main parts of this song were written fairly normally, Alex comes into rehearsal with a hint of an idea and maybe a melody that he’d later write lyrics on, then the Ben’s added a groove. This time we wanted to have a sound that reflected the good vibe… when it came to recording we got out the woops and claps (patent pending), I’m not sure what led us to this but as the name suggests involved us crowded round a mic clapping and wooping. We layered up a couple takes then pitched the parts up an octave. The lyrics were mainly about a yearning to travel the world and explore all that’s beautiful in it.

I love that you made the music up with the help of some pretty unique ways of making music can you please tell us more?

We really want to push the boundaries of our sound using the technology available to us. We feel were only just scratching the surface with this tune, Ben got some great home-made samples to add to the rhythm track here. Definitely more to explore !

 When making the music video, did anything go wrong? Any funny stories you can share?

It was hard to work out how I would ask my Grandmum to kiss another man. I decided to grow up and get over it but things got weird… Grandmum managed to get her 90 year old mate Alan to act as her pursuer, he didn’t understand what a green screen was or why he was being asked to drink red stripe in front of one. As he had driven a little way to get to the studio there was talk of him staying with Grandmum if it got dark before we finished (he is 91 after all) we get to said scene and I politely ask for Grandmum to lean in and peck Alan on the cheek, “JUST A PECK” he roared, “I THINK I SHOULD STAY THE NIGHT AFTER ALL”!  What a lad…

What is next for Pattern Pusher? Is this year going to be epic?

We have a load of shows and festival appearances coming up, mainly in the South West with the exception of Bearded Theory Festival in Derby and Camden Assembly in London. Go here to see all our listings here. we are always writing and recording new music so will be releasing throughout the year, we’re creating more videos right now and our housemate Ross Becker has more gorgeous artwork to go with it all.

Lose Myself has to be the most fun we’ve has when writing the music and also the when creating the video which includes Ben’s Grandmum and her best mate Alan who’s 90 drinking red stripe!

We spend our time seeking out unheard or forgotten sounds so we can bind them to our pieces, Lose Myself is no exception to this with Benjamin our drummer sampling metal plates spinning on a table, pencils falling from a great height and then all of us gathered around a microphone “WOOPING” madly only to be pitch shifted to oblivion…

Lose Myself was recorded with a fine fellow named John Cornfield who recorded the best Muse album (Origin of Symmetry) and he even worked on Definitely Maybe by Oasis. As amazing as this sounds we still could only afford to do this in his little Cornwall basement studio but being completely independent we wouldn’t want it any other way, the songs start and end with us!

The three musos began where so many bands do; the Jam night. Their common belief in the DIY music ethos and eclectic tastes lead them to explore new territories, collaborating with other creatives and in turn, creating a community of local artists around them.

But soon enough it wasn’t just the locals taking notice. Pattern Pusher’s live performance was described by BBC Radio Devon as the ‘show of the year’. They headlined the same stage as band favorite Everything Everything had in previous years and their last EP was mixed by legendary producer, John Cornfield whose catalogue includes Muse, Oasis and Supergrass.



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