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What a voice! Alex Hepburn sings from the heart in this soul soaked song ‘I Believe’. Destined to become a classic anthem, ‘I Believe’ is a song that carries baggage but there is always sunshine in all experiences. 



London born singer/songwriter Alex Hepburn has released her new single ‘I Believe’ via Warner Music. The song, which showcases Alex’s smooth, soul-drenched vocals, also features a sample from Aretha Franklin’s ‘People Get Ready’. The song was written by Alex and Chris Ballard (Christina AguileraLeona Lewis) and is produced by Craigie Dodds and Pete Boxta. The duo have previously written and produced for GorrilazAmy WinehouseJames ArthurA$AP Rocky, Machine Gun Kelly and more.

Alex says: “I put my heart and my soul into making my music as authentic and as true to me as possible. Unfortunately, I’ve lived through a lot of shit. I have a lot of baggage, but you have to find the positive in the situation you are in. My record and my words are always from the heart and I’m very, very proud of this record.”

This raw emotion and soul is evident in ‘I Believe’, which Alex says is intended to be a feminist anthem. Taking influence from a number of strong women in music, including Etta James, Adele and Mary J Blige, it seemed fitting to honour Aretha Franklin by using her sample for backing vocals; “Aretha is one of the most beautiful and strong female inspirations. I feel so blessed to have her vocal running through my track”.

Alex made her start, like many rising artists, online – where she amassed 500,000 plays for her early uploads. Despite these huge numbers Alex wasn’t sure if a career in music was for her. “I didn’t know I wanted to be a singer. It’s a big dream. I worked loads of shitty jobs; I was a receptionist and a maid, but my boyfriend kept saying ‘you’ve got 500,000 plays online, you should try and do something with this!” She was then offered £250 to play a gig in Paris, which she quickly accepted, and consequently wowed her audience, with Warner offering her a deal four days later.

Soon after she was touring with the likes of Lianne La Havas, Alex Clare and Bruno Mars, Alex then went on to headline her own tour across Europe, discovering she had die-hard fans across the continent: “It was insane. It was like Eminem in The Real Slim Shady video – the first 2 rows had the same haircut as me!”

‘I Believe’, Alex’s first UK single, is out now via Warner Music, with her debut album due to be released later this year.

‘I Believe’ is available here:


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