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Listen to the best pop song so far this year! Trevor Douglas’ ‘Pressure’

Every now and again I hear a song that I emotionally connect to. ‘Pressure’ is one of these songs. An added bonus is the amazing vocals of Trevor and the guitar! Wow! This song will become a classic for sure. Love Love Love! 



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Press release

“Pressure” is an immersive track layered with melodic and rhythmic energy that just won’t stop. His warm vocals melt effortlessly into every hook and settle into the weightless harmonies, building a stunning emotional quality into every moment of the music. Pressure possesses all the energy and intensity of a hyped-up pop song, living up to its title with a bubbling sense of ever building pressure. Trevor shines with his emotive tendencies and well crafted arrangements, making for one explosive pop track listeners won’t be able to forget.

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