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The Elk Collective drop “Chokkas” video + “Big Trouble” EP out Friday March 16

Sydney’s The Elk Collective are dropping their new EP on Friday March 16 and it is CHOKKAS full of Post-Hardcore bangaz. Their new single Chokkas is out now and to celebrate, they have a filmclip to go along with it. A band that doesn’t take themselves too seriously, The Elk Collective are here to bring the fun back to heavy music!

The filmclip is apparently “based on actual events”, but hey, never let the truth get in the way of a good yarn! The filmclip follows the boys as they smash through the song – and it recalls the tragic story of a pizza guy getting far more than he bargained for on a routine delivery.

Their brand new EP ‘Big Trouble’ will see its release on Friday March 16 in iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp and all good digital outlets for purchase or streaming.

The spearhead of the outfit is the classic scream/sing combo of Matt’s dirty deliveries versus Dwayne’s clean choruses. But where nostalgia really hits you is the familiarity of a line-up that is essentially two mediocre vocalists trying to cover up their lack of talent with jokes and an amazing drummer (think late 90’s Californian pop punk trios). The band insist that jumping to the breakdowns and belting out the choruses are to blame for the audience being too out of breath to laugh at their jokes.

The Elk Collective is a breath of fresh air in a sometimes-stale genre – taking you back to a time where hardcore was fun, a safe and happy place where you trade in your fists and throwdowns for mosh jumping and sing-alongs. Their message is clear – hardcore is fun, hardcore is for everyone. The songs are heavy, catchy and fast, coupled with gritty, raw production. In a scene of bands trying to be the heaviest, most brutal or saturated in layers and effects, it is refreshing to see a real band making real, honest music.

‘Big Trouble’ is out Friday March 16 (and available for pre-order now on iTunes!) and previous single ‘Moshpittin’ on your Toenails’ is on Spotify right now. For more information, go to

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