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Final Stair release ‘Morning Dew’!

‘Morning Dew’ is a song with a story. The listener will realise that some relationships are not worth working on. Also a very enjoyable listen while you a taken on that journey. A super connectable song. 


The three artists behind Final Stair call themselves blood brothers for a reason. Siblings Istvan and Denes and newest band member André possess the same creative vision. After the release of their single “ Over The Top “ in 2016, the first taste of their upcoming album “Spectator“ will be released on March 2nd. The single “Morning Dew“ delves into the tale of a woman thrown into turmoil, twisting and unraveling with every breath.

Final Stair create an audacious sound, combining pop, post-rock, stoner rock and blues. “Morning Dew“, as with the entire album, was recorded live. The release captures bold, genuine and direct tones. According to the band, the album concludes the content of the first decade of their lives as musicians. This decade, however, has been particularly affected on an international level. While the twins, whose roots are Hungarian, lived abroad for 3 years in France (Istvan) and Scotland (Denes), André studied music in Berlin. Naturally, the end result is a breeding ground for a variety of stories from the trio’s rich background.

“Morning Dew” addresses those who have experienced, or been witness to, similar fragile relationships as the protagonist in the single.

“In today’s fast-paced world, partners often want to hide their feelings or believe that they have to fulfill the expectations of others. The song is also for anyone who has not yet discovered that it’s worth fighting for“,

explain the band on the song’s meaning. Accompanying the release is an artfully staged video shot in the beautifully Neo-Gothic Schönow Castle by director Mike Kraus. Captured under a hazy glow of the winter’s sun are the exasperated sways of a woman, juxtaposed with an emotionally charged live performance from Final Stair. 

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