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Russia’s Indie Poppers Hospital release a contagious tune ‘In The Evening’  their first track from their upcoming third album due to be released around May 2018. This song believe it or not has a sad meaning but has a happy twist. I love all of it. Vocals, music and meaning. A must listen to. Trust me!

Speaking about the track, Hospital frontman, Egor said: This song is about that sudden feeling, where you think you don’t need anybody and nobody needs you… but despite all of that, you want to move forward and see what happens next. It’s a slightly gloomy message, with a positive twist, delivered through a detached vocal and contradicting flying guitars.

Formed in 2011 by members of several Russian indie rock bands, Hospital was the ambitious vision of talented lead vocalist Egor Berdnikov and realised by additional band members, Andrey Tsvetkov, lead guitar and backing vocals, Alexey Shorin, bass guitar and Vladimir Balovnev on drums.

Now with two successful albums under their belt, having supported the Moscow legs of huge international tours, including Lana Del Ray, The Neighbourhood and The Kooks, Hospital are ready to release their third album.

Since conception, the band has developed a heightened depth of sound, adding a hefty measure of electronica to their infectious indie tracks. Their sound islittered with iconic 80’s influence, from Bands such as New Order, Tears for Fears and INXS. The Cure has also been a continuous inspiration throughout the quartet’s discography.

All three albums where recorded and produced by local Russian talent Konstantin Buglevsky. Hospitals story to date, is testament to the bands huge popularity in their home country, but we should expect the appeal of this energetic fourpiece to be far wider reaching in 2018.

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