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Luutzen releases ‘Discovery’, a must listen!

Luutzen’s single ‘Discovery’ is a catchy, fun and a song you want to turn up the volume. ‘Discovery is full of emotion and those who act the way they feel will relate. Also a quirky music video enhances the meaning. Check it out below. 



How much influence do expectations from others, society or even yourself have on who you are? Isn’t it absurd to fulfill these expectations, as there are so many more possibilities than that? In the music video, it’s celebrated that freedom from expectations allows you to simply act the way you feel. Be it frustration or a party mood, you’re allowed to swap them or even experience them simultaneously. Luutzen keeps the emotional balance throughout the video and concludes: as long as you dare to dream, things that seem improbable at first, are very much possible.

Luutzen is the embodiment of self-effacing contradiction. He sees the world around him through the curious eyes of youth and yet his handcrafted pop music reflects confidence, experience and worldliness. It is in these contrasts where his inspirations lie: the Dutch-born Berlin resident finds his comfort between antipoles like know-how and instinct, rationality and emotion, control and letting go. The urge to experience both opposites simultaneously, instead of picking only one of the two, is what is significant for Luutzen‘s songwriting. Against the social trend, where rationality, reality and tradition are predominant, he puts their opponents equally at their side: “In my songs I assert not to forget the other side, values like emotion, fantasy and experimentation”, explains Luutzen. “The dichotomy in which I find myself, already shows that all these parts can exist with and next to each other – they already do within me.” Musically, Luutzen‘s journey to discover the possibilities and limitations of being is running somewhere between WilcoBon Iver and Sufjan Stevens.

On April 20, 2018, Luutzen will release his debut album: for Against the Light ten tracks with clear folk and americana influences were created together with producer Ben Kinder. The recordings took place in various studios and living rooms with a.o. musicians Alex Binder (Judith HolofernesMax Prosa) and Hanno Stick (Judith HolofernesKat Frankie). The songs were mixed by Patrik Majer (Wir Sind HeldenRosenstolzNosoyo) and Zodiaque (DotaAlin Coen), the mastering of the record was done by Mazen Murad (TravisMuseFlorence and The Machine).

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