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 Rhys releases ‘No Vacancy’. Prediction?Destined to be a hit.

Lyrically ‘No Vacancy’ is a descriptive story about someone that is playing with your emotions.  Rhys cleverly turns pop driven song into a story worth listening to. Every now an then an artist comes along with an amazing bold voice. This is one of these times. Really love this song!



Budding artist Rhys has released brand new single “No Vacancy.” The song is released via Warner Music Sweden.

The laidback cool of “No Vacancy” is a sleek juxtaposition to its fiery, empowering message. About the track, Rhys describes, “No vacancy is about a very specific person who had been toying with my emotions for a little too long. Ironically, my current boyfriend. This song is about drawing the line, me or them.”

Rhys elaborates, “Everything is great now, but I would say he was a bit of a player when we started seeing each other. Parts of the text are direct quotes from him, so I think I should thank him for that – he gave me a good song! When I wrote it we were already together and I said ‘Today I will write a song about you, it will be so nice!’ Then I came home and said, ‘yes, I wrote a song about you … but it might not be so nice.'”

A native of Portland, Oregon, Rhys moved to Sweden at the age of 10 with her Swedish mother and American father. Born a natural performer, Rhys grew up dancing, acting, and singing and she eventually crossed paths with producer Jörgen Elofsson in the beginning of 2016 after being recommended as a demo singer. Their artistic chemistry was instant and the collaboration led to Rhys’ debut 2016 single “Swallow Your Pride,” which was shortly followed by early 2017 smash  “Last Dance.” The track has tallied nearly 23MM Spotify streams and was the most-played Swedish song of 2017 on Sweden’s prestigious P3 Radio leading to a well-earned Artist of the Future nomination at the P3 Gold gala. 

Follow-up single “Too Good To Be True” continued the wave racking up another 13MM Spotify streamsand solidified festival slots at Way Out West and Storsjöyran among others. Several shows are planned for this spring/summer, including the already announced gigs at Gröna Lund, Queens of Pop and Peace & Love.

Look out for more from Rhys to come this year as she preps for the release of her debut album.


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