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Ink release ‘FEVER’ the second rack of their debut EP Heaven.

Ink’s new single Fever is one of the best Alt Rock songs I have heard. A song to listen to when you are chilling out. Distinct bass lines and contagious vocals kept me listening. Check it out below. 


FEVER is the second track off UK band, INK., debut EP, “HEAVEN.” It features vocals by Todd Dorigo, bass by Todd Dorigo (formerly of platinum selling bands McFly and McBusted) and drums by Corey Alexander. It was produced by Jason Perry and recorded in Belgium.

London-based alt rock trio, INK., was formed in 2017 by: vocalist/guitarist Todd Dorigo from Manchester; bassist Dougie Poynter from London; and drummer Corey Alexander from Leeds.


Taking influence from artists such as Nick Cave, David Bowie and Nirvana and the writings of Vladimir Nabokov, Allen Ginsberg and John Cooper Clarke, INK. contrasts its pop-influenced hooks and bass driven verses with lyrics covering topics of anxiety, love and the coming of age.

Over the course of a couple years, Dougie and Todd often saw each other around London and shared a common bond over their love for Ralph Steadman and the Beat Generation. They inevitably found themselves writing songs together but with no real aim and after six months of writing more and more frequently, they found that the body of work they had naturally assembled instigated the forming of the band. They later hunted down Corey through their network of friends to complete the rhythm section.

The band name, “INK.”, stems from the work of Ralph Steadman who begins each of his works with a random splatter of Indian ink which then dictates how and what the illustration will become. The band saw the parallel in Steadman’s process and how it writes songs: a simple initial idea which is then pursued to its natural unforeseen conclusion.

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