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Crooked Coast release ‘People Say’

The Indie Rock scene has been improved since Crooked Coast release “People Say’. This song delves into the the insanity of what people can say to one another and how we need to ignore it. Easier said than done I can imagine singing this in a live setting with a huge crowd, I feel that this would be even more empowering than me singing in my studio. An excellent indie rock anthem.



On the heels of their new album Put The Night On Crooked Coast released a new music video for People Say. The song is an indie rock anthem with dance grooves, guitar hooks and a big sing along chorus. The band teamed up with frequent collaborator, Brooklyn, NY based filmmaker Nicholas Santos (Holiday Fear, Kiddos, Things I Don’t Remember) and utilized sports cars, drones, and bags of cash to actualize an ambitious creative vision. The video showcases both the natural beauty of Cape Cod and the band’s energy and humor.

To celebrate the new music video the band is embarking on an east coast tour (US) for dates go to

Hailing from Cape Cod Massachusetts, a place known for celebratory summers and harsh, bleak winters Crooked Coast has distilled this juxtaposition of sun soaked days and bitterly cold nights into a joyful explosion of modern rock. Equal doses of indie rock riffs, reggae rhythms, hip hop flows and pop melodies create something both original and familiar. With Luke Vose and John McNamara sharing lead singing, guitar and songwriting roles the band has a dynamic catalogue of material spanning four albums that’s earned them a die hard fan base. Ben Elder and Charles Walton are a thunderous rhythm section ensuring the songs move not only the head and the heart but the body as well.

During the summers they held down popular residencies on the Cape and Islands where a constant influx of travelers introduced them to fans from all over the globe. The winters found them touring the and east and west coasts as well as beyond the U.S. borders.

The band blurs the line between music and visual art self producing striking videos and an extensive line of merchandise.

Their latest album Put the Night On has them bringing the vibe of the coast to new territories and creating converts along the way.

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